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06 January 2014 @ 05:00 am
With Independence Comes Increased Responsibility  
She set the phone back down on the receiver with an exhausted sigh.

That was the third time that week that the electrical company had called her, reminding her that the electrical bill payment was overdue. It wasn't that she couldn't afford it, but if she spent the money on that, then there was also the hydro bill and the rent to pay at the end of the month. In the end, would there be enough money to spend on household essentials, on food? Plus, there were school fees that she needed to pay. Sure, her parents had agreed to help with the finances, but they weren't rich either. Her mother was a waitress, her father self employed. They had themselves to worry about, their futures, their lives, and she simply could not let them worry about her finances.

The girl leaned against the pale wall of her drab apartment and slid down to the floor, running her fingers through her hair as she mentally calculated her expenses. She already worked two jobs, and while she was looking at getting a third it was simply impractical... she still had school to worry about, she needed at least a little time to work on her assignments. No matter how she looked at it, no matter how she played out the scenarios, it was impossible to work everything out and still make ends meet.

She remembered the day, eight months earlier, when she had been so excited to finally graduate and get a life on her own.
"You can always stay at home and work, dear." Her mother had told her with that smile.
But she had refused, she couldn't rely on her parents forever and she was excited to have a life of her own. It would be everything she dreamed it was, like they showed in those girly movies where the heroine had her own flashy apartment in the heart of some big, dazzling city like New York and spent her mornings at the spa, afternoons shopping, and evenings attending dinner at a fancy restaurant. She could just see it now!
"But dear," Her father had piped up, cutting into her fantasies, "Living on your own is expensive. Are you certain you can handle it?"
Of course she could, the girl replied, brushing it off like nothing. Why wouldn't she be able to? So she'd work as a waitress. She'd get tips, and live off of those while her paycheck could go towards paying the actual bills.

Oh how naive she had been. If only she had listened, hadn't spent so much, hadn't tried to live an extravagant lifestyle on what little she made. She had dug herself into a deep hole of despair and climbing back out was not going to be an easy task. Her father's words still rang in her head like a bitter wake-up call, "With independence comes responsibility."