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Siren Song ( Chapter 15 - False )

Author: xieh
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC -17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ][ 10 ][ 11 ][ 12 ][ 13 ][ 14 ][ 15 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...

[ Seoul ( Jung District ), Cising Capitol - 7:34pm ]

The leather of the old worn out arm chair shrieked in protest as Hankyung leaned back into the cushions, raising his arms high over his head and lacing his fingers together to stretch before resting his hands behind his head. Before him sticking out against the white of the computer screen sat a nearly twenty page document which he had been working on for the past day or so and still, he couldn't see the end. It was like there was simply no way to conclude it. No matter how many more pages he added it seemed as though the document would remain endless... and an eternity working on one single document did not sound pleasant to him - that, and the deadline was two days away.

Hankyung flexed his fingers and positioned them over the keyboard once more, preparing to continue his typing with much reluctance when the hollow sound of knocking reverberated against the four walls of his office. Hankyung immediately tore his hands away from the keyboard and sat up in his chair, perhaps a bit too eager to have a distraction from his boring and mundane work.
"Come in." Hankyung called a bit more excitedly than he had originally planned.

Quietly, he cleared his throat and leaned back into his chair, folding his hands over his lap and trying not to look as excited as he had been to have a distraction from work. With a rather loud click of the doorknob, the large polished slab of oak wood was swung open and out of the way, revealing a rather tall, handsome man being backgrounded by a busy looking office setting that he really didn't look like he belonged in.

"Siwon?" Hankyung said, more questioningly than in surprise.
"Hey." Siwon replied, raising his hand in a sort of half-baked wave.
Siwon put his left foot forward, taking another step into Hankyung's office and allowing the door to close behind him.
"What's up? Is something wrong?" Hankyung asked, raising an eyebrow curiously and once again relaxing in his chair.
Siwon simply chuckled and shook his head before approaching his desk and taking a seat on the edge of it.
"Haven't you been watching the time?" Siwon said, pointing his index finger towards the bottom right corner of Hankyung's screen were the current time was located.

Hankyung's eyes widened in surprise. Snapping his head to the right of him, he stole a glance outside past the barrier of his curtains where the sky had already begun to darken a deep grayish blue mixture.
"I'll take that as a no." Siwon said with a smirk.
"I swear last time I checked the clock it was ten o'clock this morning..." Hankyung murmured, putting one hand across his forehead in minor shock.

"Have you even eaten anything today?" The younger man questioned with a raise of his eyebrow.
"No, I've been so busy I guess I forgot..." He replied quietly, rubbing his hands over his eyes and stifling a groan.
"Well do you want to go get something to eat?" Siwon asked, "I remember So Yoon mentioning something about a little restaurant that opened up not too far from here."
"Well, I would but..." Hankyung's voice trailed off as he took another reluctant glance towards his computer screen.
"C'mon, you can take a break for a little bit I'm sure." Siwon scoffed, obviously catching the obvious reluctance in Hankyung's voice.
"I know that, but the deadline is coming up fast and honestly, I've been behind on my work..."

Hankyung had come dangerously close to ending his sentence with the words, 'Because of certain reasons' but luckily caught himself just before the words slipped off his tongue. It was obvious that the 'Certain reason' was none other than a well-known model named Kim Heechul. He wasn't sure why, but lately he had been spending far more time with the man then usual. In fact, he hardly remembered the last time he had spent a night back at home... that wasn't what was bothering Hankyung though - if anything, he could've cared less. What was bothering him was for awhile now he had been slacking off on his work. Now, if he was just a regular old nine to five business man this wouldn't be such an issue to him... but he was a huge business owner and these types of mistakes were simply unacceptable. It wasn't that he couldn't do the job, he was just being... distracted as of late.

When he and Heechul first began their affair, the fact that he had been cheating on Na Young didn't bother him and he had been able to keep up a rather healthy-looking relationship with her as well as Heechul. But the longer it continued, the more his feelings for Na Young faded and the more they increased for Heechul until finally he couldn't even sleep with Na Young anymore without feeling guilt towards Heechul. When he had begun this affair, he knew that obviously they both had to be okay with the fact that technically Hankyung was 'Cheating' on Heechul with another woman. Or to put it simply, Hankyung would not only belong to him, but to Na Young as well and as far as anyone could know Hankyung was not a part of Heechul's life in any other way besides friendship.

This wasn't just because Hankyung was a married man, but also because of Heechul's fame and popularity. 'Dates' - if you could even call them that - were camouflaged as outings between friends and even then Heechul wore a disguise. There had been an incident when they had first begun seeing each other where they had come dangerously close to getting caught by a rather annoying and stalker-ish reporter but thanks to some quick thinking on Heechul's behalf a disaster had been avoided. It was that day Hankyung realized how difficult their relationship was going to be and how much caution they'd both have to take in the future.

"Siwon, have you ever... done anything bad to So Yoon that you've tried to hide from her?" Hankyung asked suddenly, voice aimed towards Siwon but eyesight trailing off into the distant corners of his office.
The younger man blinked, caught off guard by this question. Quickly regaining his composure, Siwon cleared his throat distractedly. He wasn't exactly sure how he could respond to Hankyung's question... of course he had done something bad to So Yoon. But he couldn't exactly just come out and say, 'Yeah, I'm dating her because she resembles Heechul. I have no feelings for her what-so-ever and am simply going out with her because I can't get Heechul since you have him.' Momentarily, Siwon entertained himself with the thought of what would happen if he had come out and said that, but quickly shook it from his head.

"... Kind of." Siwon murmured simply, brushing it off as nothing more than a little white lie, "Why do you ask?"
"Just thinking... do you feel any guilt from it?" Hankyung murmured quietly, this time turning to face Siwon.
It took Siwon a second to clue into the fact that he was in fact talking about Na Young and how he was having an affair behind her back with Heechul. Bitterness momentarily flooded his thoughts as he put himself in Hankyung's position... he really had no reason to feel sympathetic with him, after all he had dug his own grave and was very aware of what he was getting into the moment he and Heechul began seeing each other, but he couldn't help it. The Hankyung that he knew before he met Heechul was a hard working man who wanted nothing more than to build a happy family with his gorgeous wife. It was just unfortunate that he hadn't been strong enough to resist temptation when it stepped onto his path and had gotten himself to where he was now.

"Yes, I do." Siwon said with a solemn nod of his head.
"Heh," Hankyung scoffed, lips curling into a bitter smile, "I envy you."
An awkward silence crept through the room silently on the tips of it's toes as Siwon gaped at Hankyung, completely lost for words and not exactly certain about what he could even say in such a situation in the first place. So when the P.A speaker located on the corner of Hankyung's desk made it's signature crackling sound and Sang Hee's voice made it's way through the tiny office Siwon let out a small sigh of relief.
"Sir, you have a visitor. He goes by the name of 'Kim Heechul', should I send him up?" She said, excitement lightly lining her voice.
Any relief he had previously felt was drained away the moment Siwon heard Heechul's name float across the intercom. Next to him, albeit slightly, Hankyung seemed to brighten up.
"Please, Sang Hee." Hankyung said, pressing the pad of his index finger down on the talk button of the intercom.

It didn't take long for Heechul to arrive at the top story and that time had been filled with nothing but awkward silence between Siwon and Hankyung. Hankyung mainly because he was touching up his document and Siwon because he was just plain unsure of what to do at that given moment. Leave or stay, he couldn't decide which one he was supposed to do. There was a sudden unannounced creak as the door to Hankyung's office swung open, revealing none other than Heechul who stood with one hand planted against his hip while the other was busy wrapped around the doorknob.

Immediately, the model's expression turned into one of surprise at the site of Siwon, obviously not expecting him to be sitting there. But his surprise quickly melted into a smile as he stepped further into the office, allowing the door to close behind him.
"Siwon! I didn't know you'd be here!" Heechul exclaimed with a raise of an eyebrow.
"I was just bugging Hankyung here about slacking off." Siwon said, feigning a chuckle.
"Oh he's slacking, is he?" Heechul repeated with a smirk.
Hankyung simply scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest, turning in his chair.

"I just remembered," Siwon said, fishing his cellphone out of his pocket, "I need to give So Yoon a call. I'll catch up with you both later."
Pushing himself away from the desk, Siwon made his way to the doorway in an attempt to escape the feeling that he was certain was only affecting him. Whether it was jealousy, envy, bitterness or a mixture of all three he wasn't exactly sure but one thing was certain and that was if he stayed in that room any longer he'd surely suffocate.

"Heechul, what are you doing here?" Hankyung asked after Siwon had exited the room, "I thought I was going to come over later after work."
"We were shooting in the area and thought I'd save some time..." Heechul said with a shrug of his shoulders.
The older man rounded the desk and leaned against the edge of it a few inches away from Hankyung. Crossing his arms over his chest, Heechul raised an eyebrow at his lover skeptically.
"Now what's this I hear about slacking, hm?" Heechul murmured, a sly smirk tugging at the far corner of his lips.

Heechul leaned over Hankyung, planting his hands firmly on either armrest of the leather chair and caging the younger man in before placing his knee in between Hankyung's legs. Running his left hand down his chest, Heechul proceeded to make his way lower until his fingers were grazing the younger man's crotch. Hankyung hissed at the contact before raising his eyes to meet the older man's.
"Really Heechul... can't you wait?" 
Despite the fact that he was trying to sound serious, he simply couldn't hide the arousal in his voice and this only made Heechul more interested in the task at hand.
"Slackers should be punished, shouldn't they?" Heechul asked, closing the distance between their lips.

They're lips were a mere breaths distance away when Hankyung's cellphone went off, filling the room with his ringtone and completely shattering the moment like glass. The younger man groaned and Heechul chuckled in amusement, freeing Hankyung's chair of his extra weight and proceeding to once again lean himself against the desk for support. The younger man, now extremely hot and bothered fished his cellphone out of his pocket and flipped it open, extremely pissed off at whoever it was that was disturbing him. 

Despite the fact that he should have been, Hankyung wasn't expecting Na Young's name to appear on the caller id and was momentarily taken by surprise at it. This surprise, however, was quickly replaced with his former annoyance and reluctantly he pressed his thumb down against the talk button and placed the cellphone to his ear.
"Hello?" He said into the receiver, trying to keep any hint of distaste from his voice.

[ Hankyung? ]

"Yes, what is it Na Young?" Hankyung asked, raising an eyebrow skeptically at her quiet tone of voice.

[ Will you... will you be home tonight? ]

Hankyung couldn't supress the sigh that escaped his lips as he leaned back in his chair and threaded his fingers through his thick dark hair.
"No, why?" He said simply.

[ Well... ]

There was silence on the other end of the line as Na Young's sentence trailed off hesitantly. After a minute had passed filled with this silence Hankyung was no longer sure if she was still on the phone or had hung up and was about to hang up himself when she suddenly spoke up again.

[ I have something to tell you, can you please come home? ]

"Can't you tell me over the phone?" Hankyung asked, a certain edge to his voice.

[ No. It's... really important. ]

"Fine... I'll see you at home." Hankyung said, raising from his seat and pressing his thumb down on the end call button.
The younger man ran his fingers through his hair, groaning in annoyance and making his way over to the couch where he had discarded his jacket earlier that morning.
"I need to run home, so I'll see you later." Hankyung said, threading his arms through the jacket sleeves.
"Since when were you the good husband who listened when his wife called?" Heechul asked with a snicker.
Hankyung stole a glance over his shoulder at Heechul, who - despite his jeering - he could tell was also just as ticked off by the interruption as he was. Sighing, Hankyung closed the distance between the two before brushing his lips gently over the older man's in an attempt to apologize.
"I'll see you later."

[ Seoul ( Seodaemun District ), #455 Taeri Street - 10:30pm ]

"Alright, what's the matter Na Young?"

After spending a good hour or so driving through the city towards his house and away from his destination, Hankyung stepped through the front door only to find the house pitch black. An agitated sigh passed his lips as he discarded his keys on the edge of the table and took a few steps further into the corridor.

"In the front room." Na Young's voice called from somewhere in the large structure.
Following her instructions, he made his way towards the living room which seemed to be the only room in the house that was being lit up at the current moment. Rounding the couch, Hankyung stood face to face with the woman who had called him home. Na Young sat with her hands in her lap and her legs crossed, telephone a mere few inches away from her thigh.
"What's going on Na Young? Why couldn't you just tell me over the phone?" 

Na Young slowly rose from her seated position on the sofa and clasped her hands in front of her, parting her lips in preparation to speak. Hankyung crossed his arms, ready to hear her explanation for calling him home when he had distinctly told her he wasn't going to be home that particular night.
"I..." Na Young started, but her voice trailed off before she could complete the sentence.
Hankyung was quickly losing his patience with her, and was about to lash out when she brought her gaze to meet his, a bright smile playing over her lips.
"I got a call from the doctor today... Hankyung, I'm pregnant. You're going to be a father, we're finally going to have a family!"


AN// I can't believe it, it's finally done! o_o Sorry for being late... again... last weekend there was a family emergency so I had to go out of town. I would have written it last night, but I got distracted dying my hair... >_> ( It turned out great! ) I am constantly apologizing to everyone. v_v I'm sorry...

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