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Siren Song ( Chapter 19 - Poison )

Author: xieh
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC -17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ][ 10 ][ 11 ][ 12 ][ 13 ][ 14 ][ 15 ][ 16 ][ 17 ][ 18 ][ 19 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...

[ Seoul ( Yongsan District ), Downtown Area - 11:00pm ]
The wheels of Heechul's vehicle slowed to a stop upon reaching the intersection, the stop light dyed a deep red and the rubber shrieking in protest as it was dragged against the wet pavement. From above the smooth, smoky metal of the car was pelted with the falling raindrops that seemed to be originating from the core of some dark, unreachable abyss suspended high above the earth. An agitated, impatient sigh spilled from Heechul's lips as he tapped the tips of his fingers against the leather steering wheel, gazing out the damp windshield and mentally willing the red light to turn green - a method which was not working so well for him at the current moment. As he did so, his thoughts returned to the phone call he had held with Hye Ri moments earlier.

It was bothering him. He just couldn't come up with a logical reason as to why Hye Ri would want to talk to him in person... what could there possibly be to talk about that couldn't be discussed over the phone? Maybe she wanted to explain the movie contract better... but then again, if that were the case she would have just waited until the following evening instead of calling him over so late at night. So that reason was out of the question... maybe it was an emergency. Some type of family emergency... or perhaps she was quitting? Heechul really didn't want to imagine that possibility... Hye Ri had been his manager since he had first started modelling, so she wouldn't just up and leave now...

Whatever the reason, Heechul certainly wouldn't know until he heard it from Hye Ri herself. Above him the street light finally returned to it's green color, allowing any motionless driver to continue their journey to their many destinations. Pressing his foot down on the gas pedal, Heechul sped away from the street light only to have his cellphone go off a few blocks away. Eyebrow raised curiously, he fished the electronic device out of his pocket and flipped it open. Flashing brightly on the blindingly white screen was a number he hadn't seen before.
"Probably just a wrong number..." Heechul murmured, thumb hovering over the ignore call button.
However, for some reason he felt prompted to answer the call... so instead, Heechul pressed the speaker phone button and laid the cellphone down on the dashboard.
"Who is this?" He asked, irritation feathering his voice.

[ Heechul? It's So Yoon. ]

Heechul's face took on a myriad of puzzling expressions. From surprise to confusion, then disbelief and some sort of mixture between irritation and shock. Had he ever given So Yoon his number? Even if he had, what reason would she have to be calling? Unless... it was trouble with Siwon. Worry immediately washed over Heechul - what if Siwon had gotten hurt?
"What's the matter?" Heechul asked, trying to keep his voice steady.

[ The matter... ? Nothing's the matter... ]

So Yoon's voice trailed off at the end of this sentence as though she weren't exactly sure how she wanted to end it... or even if she had chosen the correct words. Heechul was about to question her over the matter when she spoke up once more, finishing her previous sentence.

[ Well, actually... I guess something is the matter. ]

"Did something happen to Siwon?!" Heechul asked, the words leaving his mouth before he had a chance to realize it.
So Yoon's end of the line went silent for a second, though Heechul could have sworn he heard a sort of soft chuckling... he decided to write it off as static interruption.

[ Siwon is fine, Heechul... well, as fine as he can be. ]

This time, it was Heechul's turn to fall silent. Furrowing his eyebrows in confusion, he tried to figure out the meaning of So Yoon's words... and he had a feeling that there was more to them than meets the eye.
"... What do you mean by that?" Heechul murmured skeptically, finally retrieving his voice.
So Yoon, however, didn't answer his question but replied with a question of her own.

[ Heechul, can I ask you to do something? ]

"Sure..." Heechul said, unsure if he should even be agreeing without knowing the circumstances.
Then again, by the tone of So Yoon's voice he was certain it wouldn't be anything bad... he wasn't sure, but he could almost hear a note of sadness lining her voice.

[ Don't be like me. Promise me you'll open your eyes to what surrounds you before it's too late... like I did. ]

This caught Heechul off guard and he momentarily sputtered and tripped over his sentences, his voice catching in his throat and preventing him from speaking. Before he could reply, the other end of the line went dead leaving Heechul alone in the silence of his vehicle while he listened to the dial tone. 

Open his eyes to his surroundings? What could So Yoon possibly mean by that... ? Was he not seeing something he should be, not noticing something important? Heechul's fingers tightened their grip on the steering wheel, knuckles turning white as he fell deeper into thought. Not to mention what she said about Siwon... how were So Yoon's words connected? 

Meanwhile, in another part of the city situated by the Han River stood So Yoon, cellphone still clutched in her hand. The screen had returned to it's blueish color now, with the signature ended call words scrawled across the screen followed by the conversation length. Folding the cellphone up and tucking it into the safety of her pocket, So Yoon took a deep breath of fresh night air and tilted her head skyward in an attempt to keep the tears that were stinging her eyes at bay. 

Calling Heechul hadn't been her first decision... in fact, it had never been her plan in the first place. So she wasn't sure exactly what prompted her to contact him instead of her original idea of getting a hold of Siwon... and moreover, would he understand what she said? But why did it even matter to her if he did... it was none of her concern. So Yoon couldn't help but chuckle pitifully at herself...  she had gotten herself into a much bigger mess than she had originally planned and the smartest thing to do would be withdraw without a second glance.

But then again, when that glance was towards a man whom she thought truly loved her... how was she supposed to resist?
[ Seoul ( Mapo District ), Hana Apartments - 11:20pm ]
The rain still hadn't let up by the time Heechul arrived at Hye Ri's apartment complex and as he stood outside staring at the white door that lay in front of him, something seemed... off. To start, the lights weren't on, and he couldn't hear anything inside the apartment. Curling his fingers into a fist Heechul brought it towards the door, the sound echoing through the empty street. It had been the second time now he had knocked on the door and there was still no reaction from the person inside. Heechul was certain she had asked him to come to her house... so why was it that she wasn't answering the door? Finally, he decided to simply let himself in - he'd deal with Hye Ri's wrath later.

Slipping his fingers around the doorknob, Heechul turned it and pushed the door open and out of his way. Upon stepping into the pitch black hallway, he slowly closed the door behind him and proceeded to blindly navigate his way through the apartment.
"Hye Ri?" Heechul called, eyebrow raised curiously at the situation.
Rounding a corner, he stepped into what appeared to be the living room. Across the room the curtains hung open, moonlight streaming in through the transparent glass and providing the only light in the room.

Approaching the window, Heechul crossed his arms and uttered a rather annoyed groan. There he was, in his pajamas, standing in the house of his manager when she - apparently - wasn't even home. Great. Reaching into his jacket pocket, Heechul retrieved his cellphone and flipped it open, navigating his way towards his contacts and scrolling down the rather large list of names until he found Hye Ri's. Pressing the phone to his ear, Heechul proceeded to listen to a series of rings and in the end received no answer. Cursing under his breath, he prepared to call Hye Ri once more when a soft creaking sound echoed through the eerily quiet house. Before he could react, however, a pair of hands encircled Heechul's waist.

"What the-?!" Heechul gasped, startled by the sudden gesture.
Wheeling around on his heel, Heechul turned to face the person who had infiltrated his space only to be shocked speechless by who he saw. Hye Ri stood before him with her shimmering black waves cascading down her back and dressed in nothing more than a pair of lacy undergarments. She stood staring up at him, her facial features half masked in shadows while the other glowed in the pale moonlight.

Taking a step forward Hye Ri curled her fingers around the edge of the window sill, pinning Heechul in between them. From here, she raised herself slightly on the tips of her toes until she was mere inches away from Heechul's lips. It was faint, but Heechul was certain he could smell wine on her breath... however, he was almost certain it wasn't enough to get her drunk enough to do something so rash... yet he still couldn't help himself from asking anyway.
"Are you drunk?" Heechul asked dumbly, not certain what to say in his current situation.

A smirk curled Hye Ri's lips as she slowly shook her head.
"I'm not drunk, Heechul." She said in a low voice, "But I do have a favor to ask you... for so long I've had such deep feelings for you... and after trying to ignore them for so long I can't do it anymore. Heechul, I want you to love me. Right here... now. I'm tired of waiting - tired of ignoring this. It's difficult, Heechul..."
By now Heechul had been forced to lean against the window sill and Hye Ri had raised her knee to rest on the edge of it. Using her left hand, she slid her thumb beneath the waistband of both his pajama bottoms and his underwear and using her right hand she began undoing his jacket.

What happened next, however, she had not been expecting.
"HYE RI." He snapped angrily.
Gripping her shoulders, Heechul shoved her away and in her confusion she stumbled over her own feet and fell to the ground with a thud. Brushing the hair out of her face, she looked up with wide eyes as he walked past her without sparing a single glance - only stopping at the entryway to the living room momentarily.
"Get a grip, Hye Ri." Heechul murmured coldly, before disappearing from sight.
Seconds later, there was a slamming of the door and then... silence.

Placing one hand over her mouth, Hye Ri struggled to come to terms with what she had just done. No, she wasn't drunk... but she had just done something extremely thoughtless... and had just fucked everything up royally.
"What did I just do?" Hye Ri cried in a harsh whisper, slamming her hand down on the carpeted floor.
[ Seoul ( Eunpyeong District ), Eito Towers - 11:30pm ]
Siwon had been casually relaxing on the sofa, watching one of the many different variety shows on his television when he was interrupted by the sound of a doorbell. Curiously, his eyesight was drawn towards the clock hanging on his wall... and then towards the door. Who on earth would be visiting at such a late hour? He was almost reluctant to answer the door - but decided that it would probably be the best idea if he didn't ignore it. Rising to his feet, Siwon approached the front door of the penthouse apartment and slipped his fingers around the doorknob, pulling it open and revealing the mysterious visitor.

"Na Young?!" Siwon gasped in surprise.
Indeed, before him stood none other than Hankyung's wife - Na Young. She was dressed in a long, black dress coat that reached her knees matched with a pair of equally dark boots and had allowed her silky auburn hair to drape loosely along her shoulders. Upon seeing him, however, her rather dark looking expression seemed to brighten. Yet even from where he was standing, Siwon could see she wasn't in good shape. Her face was paler than normal and there were dark bags under her eyes.
"Sorry for visiting so late... I just..." Na Young's quiet voice trailed off before she could finish her sentence and she returned her gaze to her feet.

Siwon really didn't need much explaining to know why she was at his doorstep - it was because of Hankyung. Without a second thought he stepped out of the way and let her into the apartment, gently closing the door behind her. Na Young bowed her head in thanks before removing her boots.
"I hope I'm not interrupting anything..." She murmured apologetically as Siwon lead her to the living room.
"It's fine, I didn't have any plans tonight anyways." Siwon said reassuringly.
However, when Siwon turned back to face Na Young he found that she had stopped in her tracks and was clutching her bag tightly.

"I... brought some tea with me from home - I got it imported from India. May I borrow your kitchen... ? It's... my little way of saying thank you for putting up with me."
Siwon wasn't really in the mood for tea, but then again he didn't exactly want to tell Na Young 'no' when she was in such a state. Even her voice was shaking. So he simply agreed and took a seat on the sofa while she disappeared into the kitchen. Within moments the tiny apartment was filled with the fragrant smell of flowers and spices and before long Na Young had returned. However, what puzzled Siwon was the fact that she was only holding one tea cup.

Obviously noticing the confusion on his face, Na Young chuckled lightly.
"As it turns out I only brought one tea bag... I'll try it when I get home - but please tell me how you like it." She said, offering him the cup.
Siwon took it from her hands and looked down at the swirling brown liquid. He couldn't tell if it was simply his imagination or not, but he could have sworn the color seemed a bit... off. Then again, it was imported. Maybe tea was just different in India. Raising the brim of the cup to his lips, Siwon took a long sip of the warm liquid.

The affect was immediate - Siwon could feel his body heating up... it was almost unbearable. But it wasn't a normal heat - it was... different. The fabric of his jeans tightened against his crotch uncomfortably and all he wanted was the sweet release...
"What... did you put... in this... ?!" Siwon growled between clenched teeth, breathing already labored.
Loosing his grip on the tea cup, it went crashing to the ground - spilling the drugged liquid across the carpeted floors.
"I didn't know the drug would be this effective... " Na Young murmured in minor surprise, "But let's just say tea wasn't the only thing I got imported."

"Why... why are you..." Siwon breathed, repeatedly clenching his hands into fists.
"It's the only way I can save my marriage!" Na Young exclaimed, cutting him off in cold blood.
Siwon looked up at Na Young, who stood before him with her arms crossed over her chest... but that wasn't all he noticed. There was a look in her eyes... a certain deranged look. And then it hit him - she had finally snapped... and had caught Heechul and Hankyung together.

"But with that drug in your system, you won't be able to resist a thing..." Na Young murmured quietly, sliding her fingers down the collar of her jacket. 
Slowly she slid the buttons from their holes until the jacket was peeled back to reveal a silky white dress that ended abruptly just below her thighs. Brushing her hands over her shoulders, she slid the straps down her arm until the dress pooled around her feet in a puddle of white.

Siwon had already lost all control of his body, the heat was simply too unbearable. Despite what his mind was telling him, his body wanted different... his body wanted the woman in front of him and as she approached the only thing he could do was extend his arms, encircling them around her waist and urging her closer to the burning sensation.
"That's right..." Na Young cooed soothingly, "Come to me..."
AN// Oh god FINALLY this is written! So I'm sorry for missing last weeks update, but I was out of town with a friend. I thought I could make up for it on the weekdays but I've been so busy learning scripts and doing boring, mundane science homework and just bleh. x_x I feel so bad... however, I am rather happy with the outcome of this chapter. I kept having to remind myself that from the very beginning I never meant for Na Young to be a good person... Uhm... there was more I wanted to say but I totally forgot, so have a good weekend guys! Thanks for the support! :'D
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