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Siren Song - Chapter 22 ( Recognize )

Author: xieh

Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC -17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ][ 10 ][ 11 ][ 12 ][ 13 ][ 14 ][ 15 ][ 16 ][ 17 ][ 18 ][ 19 ][ 20 ][ 21 ][ 22 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...

[ Seoul ( Dongjak District ) Skyline Heights - 10:20am ]

"... Heechul? Are you still listening?"

Heechul, who at that point in time most certainly had not been paying attention to whatever Hankyung had been saying promptly jumped in surprise, whacking the back of his hand against the bottom of the coffee table with a loud crack like it was some sort of cruel karma effect of having his mind wander off during his new room mate's sentence.
"Ow, fuck!" Heechul yelped, trying his best to shake the pain away from his hand, "Thanks a lot!" He unconsciously snapped in Hankyung's direction, a move he quickly regretted.

Hankyung, who had witnessed the event that had just occured, couldn't hold back the sigh that parted his lips. Heechul had been concerning him lately, the man couldn't seem to focus... he always seemed to be thinking of something else. Hankyung had tried to ask about it before but had been met with an eyebrow raise and a simple, 'I'm fine, you're imagining things.' from the model. Once he had actually tried to find out on his own terms, but Heechul's personal items seemed to be under tighter security than goddamn Fort Knox. Close relations or not, it had become increasingly clear to Hankyung that he wouldn't be able to find out anything that didn't come from Heechul's own mouth.

Seeing the look that momentarily washed over Hankyung's features Heechul immediately shrank back, a somewhat apologetic look on his face.
"Sorry..." Heechul murmured, averting his gaze, "Can you repeat what you said?"
Hankyung approached the couch which was positioned behind the coffee table Heechul was currently seated at and dropped down into the cushions, folding his arms behind his head in the process.
"I said I have a business party to attend tomorrow, the president of our sister company recently made a full recovery from his illness so we're celebrating his health. I probably won't be back until early in the morning."

A moment of silence swept through the room and momentarily Hankyung began to wonder if Heechul's mind had wandered off yet again. The younger man sighed, preparing once more to repeat his plans for the following night when Heechul finally spoke up.
"I see." He replied simply, catching Hankyung off guard.
Now he wasn't sure why, but something about the lack of concern in Heechul's voice unnerved Hankyung... was it because he just wanted a bit of a larger reaction? He wasn't exactly certain, but it annoyed him.

Shifting his position, Heechul twisted his body until he had his arms folded over the edge of the sofa cushion so that he could face Hankyung.
"Naturally Na Young will be attending, correct?" He quipped.
Hankyung blinked, "Of course she is, it'd look strange if she didn't."
As unfortunate as it was, Hankyung spoke the truth... and he wasn't exactly looking forward to spending the evening with her, considering they hadn't spoken since... well, awhile.
"Hmm..." Heechul hummed, his voice void of any amusement as he once again turned his upper body to once again face the television screen before him and scooped up his cell phone.

Hankyung kept his eyesight fixed on Heechul, watching him dig through his cell phone's memory like a pirate would defile the land for buried treasure with a wary expression. 
"Are you going to be alright on your own?" Hankyung asked tentatively.
Whether he had been referring to the fact that he would be spending the evening with Na Young or the simple fact that Heechul didn't exactly seem... stable at the given time, Hankyung wasn't sure. Perhaps he was addressing both issues at once.

In response, Heechul scoffed.
"Of course I'll be alright. Why wouldn't I be?"
"If you say so..." Hankyung murmured, unsure of how true Heechul's words were.
And he was right to be skeptical, something had been bothering him for the past few weeks and as he flipped through his contact list, he found himself stopping on Hye Ri's number. He hadn't heard from her in weeks... since that day at her apartment. Any call he tried wouldn't get through, when he asked his company about her odd absence he was simply shooed off like a small child, she was absolutely unreachable by any means of communication...

In truth, Heechul had never been so long without her there in some way or another. Whether it was simply receiving a call from her, or spending the day with her nagging him on about how late they were going to be for the next schedule, Hye Ri had pretty much forever and always been in his life... it never occurred to him just how important she was to him, and how comforted he felt that she was simply a phone call away until now, when she wasn't there.

Hye Ri had been different than the other girls he met. Back when he first began modelling - no, Heechul knew he still maintained the same opinion even now, to him a female meant nothing but a quick fuck. Though he certainly had the right reason to think so since it seemed like that was all they wanted from him anyway. He remembered clearly the first day he met Hye Ri, he had tried to get her in bed with him as well. Much to his surprise, she had refused and actually smacked him across the face. The bruise he received to his ego hurt much more than the sting of the slap he had received, that was for sure. A couple years down the road, Heechul had actually attempted to once again and almost succeeded, but this time the only thing stopping him was, much to his disbelief even now, himself. Heechul couldn't even remember the reason why he had stopped himself, either... but it was certainly a moment marked in history.

Heechul's thoughts were disturbed by the familiar ring tone of his cell phone. Glancing at the caller ID, Heechul could feel his heartbeat quicken. Quickly, he jumped up from his seated position at the coffee table and accepted the call, mashing the device against his ear.
"HyeRi?ThankgodI'vebeenworriedsick,whereareyouandI'llcomeandgetyourightaway." Heechul, in his haste, ran his words together until they were one big unintelligible mess of a sentence. 

[ Heechul, calm down... ]

At the sound of Hye Ri's voice, Heechul seized all motion. It was as though the long forgotten sound of her voice had paralyzed him.

[ Good, you're calm... I wasn't going to call you, to make it easier for the both of us. But something made me pick up the phone and dial your number, I'm such a fool. ]

Hye Ri ended her sentence with a curt, bitter laugh and it brought Heechul back to his senses.
"Wait, Hye Ri, what are you talking about?" He demanded, slightly shaken.

[ I called to say goodbye. ]

"Goodbye?" Heechul echoed in disbelief.
But why... ?
"Hye Ri, if this is about what happened at your place a few nights ago I'm already over it, I don't care!" Heechul cried, nearly pleading with her to reconsider.

[ I'm glad you have, but I haven't. What I did was unprofessional, and I just... I just can't be your manager in this state. I need to be stronger than you are, and I'm... I'm not. ]

"What are you talking about? Think about this-"

[ I shouldn't have called, I'm sorry... ]

Before he could finish his sentence, Heechul heard the line go dead.
"Hye Ri?!" He called uselessly into the receiver, "Damn..."
Heechul shoved the cell phone into his back pocket and made his way towards the door with long, hurried steps. Hankyung, who had witnessed the entire scene, eyed Heechul curiously.
"Heechul, are you going to-" Hankyung began, but was cut off.
"I'm going to the airport." The older man said curtly, grabbing his coat and slipping out the door without sparing a backwards glance.

[ Seoul ( Seodaemun District ), #455 Taeri Street - 9:00pm ]

The house lights were dim. Na Young stood in front of the stove animatedly cooking something within the large stainless steel frying pan, heat set on medium, and the telephone wedged between her shoulder and ear. About her lay various cooking tools; the chopping board, knife, whisk, bowls, spoons, forks... anything necessary for a woman making dinner for her husband. Only there was something off... why were the utensils so clean? As if they hadn't touched a morsel of food? Everything had a shiny gleam as though they were all recently purchased...

"Oh Juri, I'm just making dinner for him now... yes, he just adores my cooking." Na Young gushed energetically, "What are you making for dinner?"
Whoever was on the other side of the phone stayed silent.
"That sounds spectacular, with garlic I'd presume?" Na Young inquired, scraping the teeth of the metal fork over the base of the frying pan.
Again, no response... then again, that was to be expected... one could not receive an answer from something that didn't exist.

Suddenly the phone rang, causing Na Young to jump and nearly drop the device from where it was perched on her shoulder. She nudged the speak button with her chin.
"Hello?" Na Young questioned through the receiver.

[ Na Young, it's Hankyung. ]

"Oh Hankyung!" Na Young said brightly, "Why I'm just in the middle of cooking dinner for you now, I hope you were looking forward to hamburge-"

[ I chose a dress for you to wear at the boutique downtown, pick it up tomorrow before the party. Bye. ]

The line abruptly went dead, but Na Young didn't seem to notice for she kept speaking like he was still there...
"You picked out a dress for me... ? Oh I bet it's gorgeous, you always pick such gorgeous things for me." Na Young cooed with a smile.
Killing the heat to the stove, Na Young pulled the frying pan off of the burner.
"I made your favorite for dinner, you know. You'll be home soon won't you?"
Na Young began emptying the contents of the frying pan out onto a plate - contents that weren't there - but found herself stopping suddenly as a rather unamused frown knotted her eyebrows together.
"Oh my, you won't make it home for dinner?" She murmured with a small sigh, "Well that's too bad... I'll wrap it up for you."

Retrieving the plastic wrap from the cupboard, Na Young began to unravel it.
"Yes, I understand. I'll see you soon... love you too." She said, before hanging up the phone and placing it down on the counter.
"What a waste..." Na Young scolded quietly, wrapping the empty plate.
Taking it towards the fridge she wrapped her fingers around the cool steel of the refrigerator door and pulled it open, setting the plate down on the shelf among other plates of it's kind, empty plates wrapped in plastic...
"He'll be home soon..." She murmured, admiring her work that never existed.

AN// What's this? An update? Unheard of... so yes, I've returned - hopefully - for good... but I make no promises. I'd love to explain to you guys why I had taken such a long time off, but I'd rather not delve into personal matters, so all I can really do is apologize. See you guys tomorrow night.

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