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Siren Song ( Chapter 4 - Rival )

Author: [info]xieh  
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul/Hangeng
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC- 17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years now... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all... but it's always fun to put them in awkward situations!

[ Seoul Metro Area, St. Royale Hotel - 11:12pm ]
"Yeah... I finished the paperwork... "

Siwon shifted his weight in the leather chair he was currently situated in, crossing one leg over the other. Absentmindedly, his fingers toyed with the waistband holding his robe closed. Almost as if in instinct, his eyes slowly drifted towards the digital clock on the end table, it's numbers flashing a retina assaulting neon blue-ish color. From there, he quickly swept his gaze over the rather large master bed in the center of the room, it's sheets strewn about in a golden mess. Yes, there was a reason why he was seated on the leather chair instead of his rather comfy bed. Tidying it was no option, since it was just destined to be messed up again.

"Wait, are you... are you still at the office?"

He knew it was pointless questioning it, of course Hankyung was still at the office, not doing work... yet he still listened as the older man lied through his teeth, saying that he was simply finishing a few important documents. The rather obvious shuffle of clothing in the background said different and jealousy momentarily coursed through Siwon's veins. Lucky for him, before he could say anything Hankyung decided to question him.

"Oh... A hotel. With So Yoon."

Siwon hushed once more as Hankyung replied to him on the other end of the phone, jealousy slowly subsiding. His eyesight traveling to the closed door in the corner of the room. Yellow light filtered in through the crack in the bottom, followed by the faintest trace of steam. It still baffled him as to why she insisted on having a shower, the night was far from over.

No sooner had he finished mentally questioning his date did the bathroom door open slightly, revealing the slender figure of a woman. She had long, sandy brown hair that hung in damp waves that reached just below her shoulders and tanned skin. A fluffy white towel was the only thing covering her naked flesh.

She crossed her arms at the site of him on his cellphone, tipping her head to the side ever so slightly.
"How about you hang up your phone..." She purred, raising a sandy colored eyebrow at him.
"You're demanding, So Yoon..." Siwon replied with a smirk.
He watched with little interest as she approached him, fluidly placing one foot gently after another.

Upon reaching her destination So Yoon snaked her arms around his neck and straddled his waist with her legs.
"We'll talk later, Hankyung." Siwon said, before So Yoon slipped the cellphone from his grasp and snapped it shut, ending the call.
She tossed it behind her, the cellular device landing on the bed with a soft thud.
"I put on the perfume you gave me... I didn't know you liked roses..." So Yoon murmured, grazing the tips of her nails down the side of his cheek.
Siwon remained silenced, though every nerve in his body was screaming 'It doesn't suit you at all.'

There was no denying it, So Yoon was absolutely breath taking... but it didn't matter to him. He felt absolutely nothing for her. She was just another person in that huge world... the only thing that was different was that for the past three years they had been seeing each other. She called it a relationship. He called it a quick fuck. Or, to put it in nicer words...

... A replacement.

At first it was easy to lie to himself. To convince his own mind that he had some feelings for this marvelous woman before him... but as time passed, Siwon began to notice that his satisfaction with her continued to lessen until finally the reality of the situation hit him with a good amount of force.

So why hadn't he ended things yet? Was he trying to be a gentleman and spare her feelings? But surely, she would be hurt knowing that the man she was 'dating' was only using her as a replacement. No, he wasn't being a gentleman. Not in this situation. He was still purely using her for his own good. He was still trying to find a way to make her... an exact replica.

So who was he trying to replace?

Heechul. And he thought he had it, too! Her hair color was the same sandy blonde as his, albeit being a bit longer. Their personalities where almost identical as well. She was haughty, confident, and had a ton of self-pride. But when she wanted to be, So Yoon was the kindest person anyone could meet. Her eyes where a glittering shade of charred brown, like Heechul's. He had even tried matching the older man's scent by purchasing rose water for her...

But it didn't work. There was always something off. No matter how many times he tried to perfect it, there was always an element missing. So Yoon's hair didn't glow like Heechul's. Her personality wasn't as eye catching. Her eyes didn't shine quite as bright. They weren't filled with the feeling of mystery... he didn't drown in them. And his attempt at trying to match the scent failed. He never had been able to figure out Heechul's scent... it was like a mixture of lush spring flowers... 

The reality of the situation was that So Yoon was no more than his toy. A puppet he was constantly pulling the strings on... she was none the wiser, and the little guilt he felt for her was easily washed away with the raging desire to possess someone who stood just beyond the tips of his fingers... 

"... Hey, Siwon?"

So Yoon's feminine voice cut into his thoughts like a razor sharp knife, sending the shards fleeing to the darker corners of his mind. Her eyebrows where knotted in a rather displeased frown and she had her arms crossed over her chest. Somewhere along the way she had lost her towel. Where, Siwon couldn't be bothered to try and remember. Clearly, however, she was not impressed with his current attitude.

"What are you doing?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow. "If you're already done than that's disappointing..."
A taunting smirk played across So Yoon's lips as her slender fingers began untying the small strip of fabric holding his robe closed.
"Thinking..." He replied curtly.
Without warning - not like she usually provided one anyway - So Yoon crushed her lips against his in a heated kiss. Siwon fought to control his gag reflex, the smell of rose water overpoweringly strong.

It was going to be a long night...
[ Seoul Metro Area, T.A.P Studios - 12:30pm ]

Heechul held his cellphone higher, trying to adjust the angle to get a good view of himself. From her reflection in the mirror, he could clearly tell that his stylist was not pleased with his constant movement. But, naturally, she said nothing. If she did, it could mean her job. Nobody told Kim Heechul what to do... and it wasn't like he cared about what the stylist thought, for he was on a video call with his one and only Hankyung and if he didn't look simply amazing, then all hell was sure to break loose.

"Don't I look pretty, Hannie?" Heechul chimed, pursing his lips together for his lover.
Through the video screen, he watched as the younger man rolled his eyes and simply chuckled at his question without answering it. Heechul frowned at this.
"... Well what are you doing on a video chat anyway! You're supposed to be working!" Heechul snapped, displeased at his lack of compliments.
"You're the one who called me!" Hankyung shot back defensively.
"Well you didn't have to answer..." Heechul murmured, momentarily losing interest in the video chat and fixing his hair in the mirror - much to his stylist's displeasure.

"Your stylist doesn't look impressed..." Hankyung commented.
Heechul returned his attention to his cellphone in shock only to see Hankyung pointing to the person situated behind him. The older man shrugged and returned to repairing his hair.
"She gets paid for it." Heechul stated, ignorant to the rising frustration clearly painting her features.

"Oh! Hannie, that reminds me! Next week there's a fashion show - naturally, I'm in it..." Heechul said, gesturing to himself at the word naturally.
"This entire week is filled with practice after practice for it, but I reserved you a seat which means you have to go, okay?"
Heechul stated it matter-of-factly. He didn't ask Hankyung if he wanted to go, he simply left no option for refusal. The older man glued his eyes to the chat screen, eager to see his lover's reaction to the invitation...

... But much to his displeasure, Hankyung's expression fell.
"If I can, I'll need to see if I have an appointment that day..." He murmured, regret clearly boarding his voice.
Heechul bit his bottom lip, doing his best to prevent his obvious disappointment from showing.
"If I'm free, I will definitely make it..." The younger man said reassuringly.
Despite Heechul's best efforts, he couldn't help suppress the thankful smile that tugged at the corners of his lips. He tiled the cellphone slightly, trying to hide the gesture from Hankyung's eyes.

"Kim Heechul smiling. That's a shock."

The sudden addition of a feminine voice made Heechul flinch in his chair. Not out of fear, but because he had been caught... and by nobody else but Hye Ri. He could hear her approaching his chair, her heels clicking against the tile flooring of the studio.

"Hang up. This is no time to play." Hye Ri ordered coldly.
Heechul eyed his manager skeptically. There was a faint glimmer of annoyance in her sharp gaze that particular evening. Deciding he was better off not fighting her for once, the older man murmured a quick goodbye to his lover and ended the video call, setting the cell phone aside.

"What's your problem?" Heechul questioned, raising an eyebrow at her.
"He's here. He was the model for the shoot before yours."
"Who's here?" Heechul asked, blinking in surprise.
"That rival model I told you about the other day." Hye Ri replied sharply, before flashing the stylist a rather cold glare as a silent order for her to hurry up.

The stylist nodded, quickly finishing her work before scurrying away from the situation. The last thing anyone wanted in the modelling business was to be caught in a discussion between Heechul and his manager. One could almost get frost bite from her icy cool glares. Heechul rose to his feet, brushing the back of his palm against his pants to get rid of any non-existent creases in his perfect wardrobe.
"And? Am I supposed to be worried?" He questioned, adding a nasty emphasis on his finishing word.
"Don't cause a scene. Go. You're due on set." Hye Ri ordered, shoving the haughty model in the direction of the shoot.

A rather displeased look pained Heechul's expression as he made his way to the photo shoot. He didn't understand why Hye Ri was so concerned over a new model. He had never had problems with rivals before, so why was she doubting him now? It just didn't add up in his head... he just couldn't figure it out.

"Alright, let's get this over and done wi-"

Heechul stepped into the main room confidently, waving his hand in the air dismissively and calling out to the crew. But his actions where cut short when he caught site of a man standing on set. He watched, wide eyed as the mysterious stranger bowed to the workers. He looked younger than Heechul himself, and he had short, thick brown hair. That was when he remembered what Hye Ri said.

"Heh." Heechul scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest defiantly, "So this is my 'rival'?"
Minor amusement lined Heechul's voice as he took in the younger man's appearance. Now things really didn't make sense. Why was Hye Ri so concerned over someone like that? As far as Heechul saw, this rival wasn't even comparable to himself. 

He watched with a smirk as the man approached him, a smile plastered across his face. Heechul waited, expecting the younger man to fly into an awestruck frenzy at the site of a professional model. He had met many new models before, and their reaction was always the same...

... Or so he thought...

Heechul had gotten one thing correct. The younger man did stop. But he didn't greet him. Instead, he planted one hand on his hip and gave Heechul's figure a once over. This enraged - and somewhat embarrassed - the older man, but before he could call him out on it the stranger spoke.

"You're Kim Heechul?" He questioned, tone clearly lined with disgust, "... How sad. I was expecting more."
Heechul was caught off guard at the younger man's response. He parted his lips, ready to fire an insult back at the man, but any words he managed to produce died on his tongue.
"And I thought surpassing you would be a challenge. You got me all excited for nothing... the model I saw in the magazines was much more impressive than you... too bad." The younger man said wit a snicker.
Heechul could feel himself getting flustered, embarrassed at the fact that he couldn't defend himself from someone younger than him.

"... Maybe if you lost some weight..." The stranger whispered as he brushed past Heechul.
That was the final blow. Heechul's eyes widened immensely as he felt the air rush out of his lungs. He slumped against the wall, trying to prevent himself from collapsing to the floor.

"Oh by the way!" The younger man called over his shoulder, "The names Lee Hyukjae. I suggest you remember that name. It'll be replacing yours."
AN// Hi again guys! I have a lot to say here, starting with an apology. I am so sorry for the late update, but I've been having laptop problems... problems meaning it's completely kicked the bucket. It's alright, I've got the use of a family member's for now. Also, apology for the short chapter... I really just wanted to get a bit of Siwon's private life out of the way and introduce Heechul's rival so I can begin some serious drama... I will totally make it up to you in the next chapter! Thanks for reading as always! :D
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