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Siren Song ( Chapter 5 - Decision )

Author: [info]xieh 
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul/Hangeng
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC- 17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years now... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all... but it's always fun to put them in awkward situations!

[ Seoul Metro Area, T.A.P Studios - 3:43pm ]

Heechul pushed the large glass doors of T.A.P Studios out of his way and stepped into the bitter cold autumn air, descending the large stone staircase leading from the studio with shaking legs. Thankfully he had managed to pull off the photo shoot, but people had definitely taken notice that something was off with the fiery spirited model. He didn't snap at the staff like he usually did - much to their relief. He looked pale, and most of all... he didn't seem to have the strength to even pose. There was no feeling in his emotions, no dazzle that was naturally required to ooze from a model. Especially a top model.

There was no lying, Hyukjae's words got to him. And they did damage... major damage. Heechul had tried to brush it off at first. After all, he was just a new model. He had met models like him before. Often, even. It seemed that everyday there was somebody new challenging his title of top model. But they all turned into blank, empty threats that simply fluttered in the breeze until they where no more, and Heechul had gradually learned to simply pay no attention to the nonsense spewed by new models. 

So why was it different this time? Why did Hyukjae's words leave an impression on him? Why did it feel like he had just be physically damaged? He was just another new model... but there was something more to him. There was emotion lacing his words. He had actually threatened him in some bizarre fashion. And whatever it was, it affected Heechul... badly.

Heechul reached the bottom step after what seemed like centuries and yet was only a few seconds. He leaned his body against the stone walling for support, the coolness of the bricks momentarily relieving his quickly forming headache. He couldn't let Hyukjae's words get to him. It wasn't professional...  In fact, Heechul clearly remembered the look on Hye Ri's face as soon as he stepped off the set.


Heechul could feel it. He could feel Hye Ri's eyes singeing the flesh of his back. She had been watching him the entire shoot, her eyes narrowed dangerously. She had looked genuinely pissed off, and she rarely ever showed emotion.
"Alright." The photographer called, rising from his position behind the camera.
Heechul watched as the photographer ran a hand over his eyes, groaning quietly. It was pretty clear to anybody present that he was not impressed. At all.
"We're done. You can go." He had said, waving his hand dismissively in the air.

No sooner had the photographer walked away from the scene did Hye Ri decide to approach her model. She reached her arm out and latched onto Heechul's arm, digging her fingernails into the skin. Heechul winced, but he didn't complain. Nor did he try to shake her off. He was all too aware how badly he had fucked over that shoot, and he was more than ready to receive the punishment coming to him.
"What the fuck where you doing?!" Hye Ri hissed quietly to ensure that her voice reached nobody but Heechul himself, "Do you think this is a joke?! That was fucking unacceptable!"

A low sigh of exhaustion escaped Heechul's lips as he raked his fingers through his hair.
"Answer me!" She snapped, her voice raising in volume slightly.
Hye Ri jerked his arm in an attempt to get him to speak. Still, Heechul remained quiet and unresponsive. Her eyes widened, clearly reaching the limits of her short temper. She had never seen him so lost before. The last time she had been this furious with him was when he was still a rookie.

Finally - and slightly to Hye Ri's relief - Heechul yanked his arm out of her grasp, the gesture taking little effort as Hye Ri more than willingly let him go.
"I... don't know..." He murmured, turning his gaze from hers.
Hye Ri bit down on her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood. She didn't want to keep yelling at him, especially in such a state. But her job as manager came first...
"Well figure it the fuck out, Heechul! Get your ass home, I'm sick of looking at you right now." She said bitterly.

Heechul watched as she turned on her heel and made her way to the photographer. He watched as she exchanged a few words with him before bowing her head down to him deeply... and he felt sorry... it wasn't like it happened often, but if there was anything Heechul hated, it was watching his manager apologizing for the mess he himself had created.

Without another word, Heechul made his way to his dressing room.

By now, Heechul had made it a good distance from the studio. But he hadn't exactly been paying attention to where he was going. In fact all he had been doing was simply following the flow of weekend pedestrians... and now he had no idea what street he was on. Once again in control of his thoughts, Heechul weaved his way through the crowd until he hit the stone wall of the building beside him. He slipped his fingers into his pockets, fishing out his cellphone and flipping it open with the jerk of his wrist.

He didn't want to go home to an empty apartment... if there was anything he did not want at that very moment it was to be alone. Just the thought alone seemed to strike fear into his heart. Heechul scrolled through his long list of comments until he hit Hankyung's number. It took a few tries to finally press the call button - a result of just how badly he was shaking - but on his sixth try, he finally managed to make the call. Heechul pressed the cellphone to his ear, eager to hear the voice of his lover. That's what he needed at that moment... to hear his voice... he needed Hankyung...

Heechul's expression darkened as his cellphone took him to Hankyung's voice mail.
"... No! Why?! Why is the phone off? Why now?!" Heechul cried desperately, tearing the cellphone from his ear.
He tried the number again, ending with the same results as his previous attempt. Heechul balled his hand up into a fist and slammed it against the wall of the building he was leaning on in anger. Once again, he went scrolling through his contacts...

... And stopped on the name 'Choi Siwon'.

Heechul's thumb hovered over the call button hesitantly. Even if he did manage to contact Hankyung, it was his day off and his house really was nowhere close his current location. Siwon, however, lived a mere few blocks away. Decision made, he slammed the pad of his thumb down on the call button and pressed the phone to his ear, waiting for him to answer the phone.

Which did not take long. It was three rings in before the familiar sound of Siwon's voice chimed in from the other end of the conversation.
"Siwon! It's... it's Heechul... listen, can you meet me at..." Heechul hesitated slightly, glancing upwards in search of any sort of sign to tell what street he was on.
"... Central Park?" He finished, finding nothing of use.
Just as Heechul had predicted, Siwon was more than willing to meet up with him at the park. He said goodbye and snapped his cellphone shut. No, it was not what he had originally planned... but he just couldn't go home to an empty apartment. Not like this. Heechul stepped back into the flow of people once more and began to make his way to the park.

[ Seoul Metro Area, Central Park - 4:37pm ]

"Sorry, am I late?"

It had taken a good amount of effort to find his way to the park from his location, and no sooner had he arrived did he notice Siwon perched on the wooden bridge crossing the pond with his arms folded over the railing dressed in a long gray jacket. He seemed to be staring at the pond with some intensity, for he flinched at the sound of Heechul's voice.

Heechul joined him on the bridge, copying his pose of folding his arms over the railing.
"No, I just got here early..." Siwon said, laughing slightly.
Of course, he could never tell Heechul that he was, in fact, somewhat late... that was just asking for trouble. Heechul didn't usually like it when one pointed out that he was late. But, at the same time, Siwon would have waited hours for him. He had been overjoyed when Heechul had invited him to the park, but he just couldn't figure out why...

"What's up, Heechul? Is something the matter?" Siwon asked carefully, trying not to pry too much.
A bitter smile tugged at the corners of Heechul's lips as he turned his gaze to his identical reflection in the water.
"The shoot today... it went bad." He said flatly.
Siwon blinked in surprise. He parted his lips, fully prepared to comfort the model... but ultimately failed. What could he say in a situation like that? What would possibly be helpful? Thankfully, Heechul continued speaking, saving Siwon from making a complete ass of himself.
"There's a new model. His name is Lee Hyukjae... have you heard of him?" Heechul asked, turning to face Siwon.
He locked their gazes, staring into his eyes like he was searching his soul for the answer.

Truth be told, Siwon had heard about Lee Hyukjae. He was all over the news. All over the internet. He was gaining popularity faster than any model had before - including Heechul. The first time Siwon had read an article on him, he had initially been concerned for Heechul. But, he knew that it was nearly impossible to surpass him. So he shrugged it off like nothing. He'd have his ten minutes of fame and be a face nobody knew. That's what he had thought at first, at least. But soon more articles had begun flooding the internet. This Lee Hyukjae person had become one of the most widely known people on the internet for his amazing skills in modelling... Siwon had been debating asking Heechul about it, but never got around to it. Or, more specifically, he was afraid of what Heechul would do to him for asking.

"No, not much." Siwon said, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly and averting his gaze.
Heechul continued to stare at him for some time to pass, causing Siwon to become extremely uncomfortable. It was like he knew he was lying...
"Heh..." Heechul scoffed, returning his attention to the pond.
Siwon allowed a silent sigh of relief to pass his lips before asking his next question.
"Why do you ask?"

Heechul didn't answer right away. He picked at the wood of the railing, digging into the soft material with the tip of his fingernail. At first, Siwon was uncertain if he had heard his question. He was about to repeat himself when Heechul cut him off.
"... I let him get to me, Siwon. I let a fucking rookie get to me." Heechul hissed bitterly.
Siwon was visibly taken by surprise at Heechul's sudden change of tone.
"What... what did he say... ?"

The model froze, immediately telling Siwon that he had asked the wrong question. He watched as Heechul stood up straight, fingers still curled around the edge of the wooden railing so hard that his knuckles had turned an inhumane shade of white.
"Wait, Heechul I-" Siwon began, trying to think of a quick way to remedy the situation.
But Heechul didn't give him a chance, and cut his sentence off cold.
"I'm going to head home, I'm not feeling well..."
Heechul gave himself a slight push away from the railing before coldly turning his back to Siwon and began to make his way to the exit of the park. 

"Heechul!" Siwon called after him desperately.
But he received no reply other than silence, and was gifted with the site of watching the back of the man he loved fading into the distance as he got further and further away...
"... Damn!" Siwon cursed, slamming his fist down on the railing.

[ Seoul Metro Area, Skyline Heights - 8:20pm ]

By the time Heechul had arrived back at his apartment, the sky had already been dyed a deep dark blue color and was littered with shimmering stars. His feet ached like there was no tomorrow, no doubt a result from walking a good three - four hour distance home. He could have chosen to take the public transportation, but walking just seemed... better at that moment.

Slipping his fingers around the cool brass of the doorknob, Heechul turned the knob and pushed the door open and out of his way. He was greeted with the site of a pitch black room, the ghost of furniture staining the darkness. What caught his eye, however, was the flashing of red on the far side of the room. Heechul stepped into the apartment and closed the door behind him, kicking his shoes off and making his way to the flashing light, not bothering to spare the energy to turn on any other light on his way.

As he gradually got closer to the machine the flashing became clearer, eventually making out the shape of a '1'.
"One voice message..." Heechul murmured quietly, speaking to nobody but the dark silence surrounding him.
It was probably Hankyung. He had seen all of Heechul's calls and decided to contact him on his home phone, probably assuming he would be home by then. He pressed the pad of his finger down on the play button and went to retrieve the television remote.

( Saturday, seven twenty-three pm. Park Hye Ri... )

A bitter smile played across Heechul's lips. The only reason Hye Ri had called was probably to talk about his performance that day, and how he should improve and so on and so forth...
"Whatever..." Heechul scoffed, clearly in no mood to listen to it.
He was very aware of just how badly he had fucked up that day, he didn't need Hye Ri constantly reminding him. Giving up on his search for the remote control, Heechul approached the television and pressed the power button...

... What was on television made his blood run cold...

There, right on his television screen, was Lee Hyukjae. But what really managed to snag Heechul's attention was the caption at the bottom left corner of the screen. In bold, white lettering where the words, 'Lee Hyukjae, on the fast track to becoming South Korea's new top model! Kim Heechul no match for the new model!?'  
He re-read those words time and time again, allowing them to firmly sink in... and even begin poisoning his mind. Heechul snapped his head to the side, returning his attention to whatever Hye Ri was saying over the answering machine.

( ... ig trouble. Heechul, check the internet! It's all over the fucking television! It's everywhere! Heechul, you're losing it! )

The message ended abruptly, leaving Heechul in the company of his television once more, which was currently comparing the two model's photos. He raced towards his computer, nearly knocking the chair over in the process, and opened up the internet. Right in front of his eyes was the same caption that had just shown up on the television screen. Deeply disturbed, Heechul began searching fan sites. He was faced with the same words. They where everywhere, it seemed. They where everywhere and quickly getting the better of him.
"Fuck!" Heechul screamed, bringing his foot in contact with the chair and sending it clattering across the floor.
He reached for the power cord and tore it out of it's socket, killing the power to the computer.  

But behind him, the interview on the television was still playing loud and clear. Heechul wheeled around on his heel, dead set on silencing the television. He approached the electronic, kicking and shoving anything in his way. He was only mere feet away when his foot caught the strap of his bag, causing him to fall to the hardwood floor with a loud thump and sending the contents of the bag rolling about the floor. This did not help improve his mood. At all. In fact, it only added fuel to the fire. Heechul cursed loudly before pushing himself up to his elbows and proceeding to free his ankle of his bag.

... That's when, from the corner of his eye, he noticed something. It was on it's side, laying next to the television stand. A small, white bottle without a label...
"What on..." Heechul questioned, reaching for the bottle, "But I didn't-"
He cut his sentence off cold as Hye Ri's words rang through his mind once more.
'Diet pills.' She had said... 'To stay on top'
Heechul narrowed his eyes, momentarily turning his attention to the interview still playing on his television screen. 
'You're Kim Heechul?'
Heechul visibly winced as Hyukjae's words replayed in his mind. He returned his gaze to the bottle enclosed in his hand.
'... How sad. I was expecting more...'
"Shut the fuck up!" Heechul snapped, shaking his head vigorously.
'And I thought surpassing you would be a challenge...'
"I said shut up!"
'The model I saw in the magazines was much more impressive than you...'
'Maybe if you lost some weight...'

The last sentence continued repeating itself like a broken record, constantly attacking him from the inside out. Heechul had his hands crushed against his ears, trying to block out the sound... but to no avail. It just kept on playing... over and over. Heechul took another look at the bottle in his left hand before, very slowly, he positioned his thumb nail under the lid, lifted his finger and popped the top off allowing the contents to clatter to the floor. With shaking fingers, Heechul took one of the pills in between his thumb and forefinger...

And placed it on his tongue, swallowing it.

Tags: Genre✎Angst, Genre✎Drama, Genre✎Romance, Genre✎Smut, Group✎Super Junior, Member✎Choi Siwon, Member✎Han Geng, Member✎Kim Heechul, Member✎Lee ❝Eunhyuk❞ Hyukjae, Pairing✎Heechul ♡ Han Geng, Pairing✎Heechul ♡ Siwon
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