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Siren Song ( Chapter 8 - Dizzy )

Author: xieh
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul/Hankyung
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC- 17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...


[ Seoul ( Mapo District ), The Hole in the Wall - 11:30pm ]

Located in the Mapo District of Seoul located at the edge of the Han River was a small building that housed a bar, which was rightfully labeled 'The Hole in the Wall' simply because of it's size. From first glance, it didn't look like much. Just a thin, brick built building squished between two larger buildings. When one first took a step inside the establishment, however, they would be blown away by the luxurious atmosphere. Littering the first floor where dining tables, pool tables, and the main bar itself. On the upper level was nothing but dance floor. It was a place that was both quiet but loud, popular yet calm. And at the current moment, that was exactly where Siwon was situated. It wasn't because of the atmosphere - there where plenty of bars he could have decided to visit instead - but because he and the owner Park Jungsu where well known friends.

Siwon brought the glass enclosed tighly in his hands to his lips, downing the contents in one go and setting it back down on the counter. A long, drawn out sigh escaped his throat as he planted his left elbow on the darkly polished wood, cupping his chin in his hand. He was still confused as to why he decided to drive all the way to Mapo District after work instead of going home. After all, he could have just called Jungsu on his cellphone later that night. Maybe it was the fact that he just didn't feel like returning to his apartment that night... it just seemed so empty. Quiet, dark, and empty.

Jungsu, who had previously been occupied taking care of another customer, immediately noticed Siwon in the corner of his eye. His heart went out to the man and as much as he wanted to focus on him alone, there where still other customers to take care of. His only option was to quickly finish up with their orders and return to speaking with Siwon - whom he hadn't been able to get a decent word with since he had arrived much to his displeasure. 

It went beyond the simple barkeeper-secret-holder fiasco, or whatever it was, Jungsu cared for the man genuinly as a good friend and he simply hated seeing him tearing himself up over the entire situation - which he was very aware of. Siwon had only begun mentioning the problem in fragments at first, but the information spilling from his lips gradually increased and before long Jungsu had learned of the entire three-year problem and he had to admit, the main people connected to the problem all seemed to be somewhat in the wrong.

Hankyung and Heechul where obvious enough, but Siwon also had his flaws. He may have been sympathetic with him, but that didn't mean that Jungsu didn't see a flaw in his way of dealing things. Naturally, Siwon hadn't failed to mention that shortly after Hankyung and Heechul had hooked up he began seeing a beautiful young lady named So Yoon. One thing he hadn't done was tell him much about her... but Jungsu soon learned that hadn't been necessary. Siwon had generously commented on Heechul's many personality traits and when he had decided to bring So Yoon with him to the bar, Jungsu had made the connection easily. It was as though he had found a living replica of the man, and that was how he intended on keeping Heechul to himself despite the fact that he had absolutely no feelings for the girl what-so-ever. 

After penning down the customer's order and forwarding it to the kitchen, Jungsu made his way over to Siwon. Grabbing the bottle of alcohol next to him, he proceeded to refill Siwon's freshly emptied glass before taking hold of one of the closest mugs to him and wiping it down with the cloth hanging from his pocket. The thing didn't really need to be cleaned but it made for a good excuse to take a break.
"I thought you had plans with So Yoon this evening?" He asked, trying to make light conversation.
Siwon shook his head and brought the refilled glass to his lips, taking a sip before returning it back to it's position on the counter.
"We had plans, but I cancelled them. I didn't really feel like seeing her tonight." He murmured, the faintet hint of a slurr in his voice.
"You don't say?" Jungsu replied, blinking at Siwon in shock.
That was definitely a new one.

"I couldn't help but notice that Youngwoon isn't here today. Its quiet without him, isn't it?" Siwon said with a small chuckle.
"He decided to go visit his parents for a bit. I have to admit it has been pretty quiet without him. But as they say, you never know what you have until it's gone." Jungsu murmured half-heartedly with a slight shrug.
To be truthful, Jungsu hated taking care of the bar alone. He much rather prefered having Youngwoon's company as he worked, the man simply took the stress out of working... but that wasn't the main topic that night.

"I know you didn't come here to talk about Youngwoon though, Siwon. Judging by the look that's been stuck on your face since you walked in something happened. Correct?" Jungsu inquired, deciding to simply get to the point.
Siwon remained silenced for a spell and simply stared at the drink enclosed in his hand, causing Jungsu to worry that he had said too much. But, much to his relief, Siwon slowly began to nod his head.
"Did you see the news the other day? With Heechul and Lee Hyukjae?"

Jungsu knotted his eyebrows together. The channel had been on the television, but it had been busy that night and he hadn't really paid attention to what was going on. He had overhead a few people talking about it in the bar, but it was nothing that really snagged his attention.  However, he couldn't just say that he hadn't watched it...
"Yeah, I had it on television." Jungsu said with a nod of his head.
Well, he wasn't exactly lying... and it was for a good cause.

"Well, the day that aired I met up with Heechul at the park. He didn't look so good... he had a distant, fearful look in his eyes. He told me that his shoot that day went badly, and then asked me if I knew of a Lee Hyukjae. In truth, I did. I had seen him all over the internet. But I told him that I didn't know much." Siwon murmured, running his index finger along the rim of his glass.
"Mm... go on... ?" Jungsu pushed quietly.
"Well he proceeded to say that he 'Let a rookie get to him' when I asked him what he said, Heechul froze like a statue and said that he was going home... he left after that without saying a single word."
Jungsu parted his lips, prepared to say something on the case when Siwon spoke up once more.
"This morning Hankyung came into work late and wearing Heechul's clothes. He said he had spent the night over at Heechul's... and it just makes me feel that much more useless. He was able to do what I tried without a single effort on his behalf and it just... it makes me so annoyed!"

Silence crept into the atmosphere surrounding the two on tip toes. Siwon took another sip of his drink and Jungsu wasn't sure if he should say anything or if the man still had more to say. When more than a silence filled minute passed, Jungsu decided to take that as an okay to talk.
"I don't think there isn't effort on Hankyung's side..." Jungsu murmured calmly.
Siwon threaded his fingers through his thick black hair as an agitated gesture, a long drawn out sigh passing his lips as he did so.
"He looks at Hankyung with different eyes than when he looks at me. He looks at me like I'm just a friend... but he looks at Hankyung with more feeling... like he just... means more to him."

Siwon took a break from talking just long enough to down his drink and Jungsu, being the good bartender that he was, refilled it in the blink of an eye. This would probably have to be the last drink for the night though, if Jungsu continued letting him drink alcohol the man was surely going to regret it in the morning when he woke up with a gigantic hangover. Siwon murmured a thanks, took a sip of his newly refilled drink, and continued speaking.

"Heechul... before he met Hankyung... he was a cold person. Kim Heechul wasn't the type of person to be nice to anyone. So you could imagine my joy when I managed to befriend the man. I thought that I was the only one that mattered to him and I took pride in that. It felt so good... but then the day came that Heechul decided to meet me at work. Hankyung saw him, asked me to introduce him... and then this. I was never aware that they had previously met in the park. But I saw it in Heechul's eyes... the first time he met Hankyung was different than the first time I met him. There was a different feel..."

Siwon went silent again and proceeded to bring his glass to his lips, draining nearly half the contents before setting it back down on the counter.
"Didn't you mention that after Heechul met Hankyung it was as though he became a nicer person... ? Shouldn't you be happy about that?" Jungsu asked, tipping his head to the side slightly.
"I should. Shouldn't I?" Siwon scoffed bitterly, "I should but I don't feel any joy about it. It's just like Na Young all over again."

This time it was Jungsu's turn to silence. Not because he had nothing to say, but out of pure shock. This was one thing he had never mentioned before, something totally new to the topic.
"Na Young... you mean Hankyung's wife?" He inquired, curiosity lining his voice.
"Yes... Hankyung's wife... I guess I never told you this, but before she met Hankyung she and I were seeing each other. " Siwon murmured flatly.
"... Did she leave you for him?"
"No. We had broken up before they met... she asked me if it was alright, I told her it was. Hankyung still doesn't know about our past."

Jungsu stared at the man in complete and utter shock. He watched wordlessly as Siwon downed his drink once more, setting the glass down with more force than he had previously. Honestly, Jungsu was surprised he didn't shatter the glass.
"I'm... going to call you a taxi." Jungsu murmured, slipping off of the counter and making his way to the phone, "I think you've had enough for tonight."


[ Seoul ( Jung District ),  L.C.A Design Studio - 2:30pm ]

Heechul stood perched on a large white pedastol surrounded with mirrors reflecting his every action in nothing but his jeans while two people took his hip measurements, waist measurements, pretty much any measurement they decided they wanted. The fashion show was quickly rearing it's head just around the corner and this was Heechul's third visit to the Design Studio. The first had been when they had begun making the outfit. The second when they had to touch it up, and this was the third to basically see if it needed to be taken in or not.

"See something you like Hye Ri?" Heechul asked, tossing a playful smirk towards the manager.
Up until that moment Hye Ri had been quietly standing at the back of the dressing room with her arms crossed over her chest simply observing the scene from afar.
"Stand still or the measurements won't be precise." She snapped in return.
Heechul simply laughed at her predictable response.

One of the designers who had previously been busy taking his measurements rose to her feet with the spot on the measuring tape clamped between her fingernails.
"It'll need to be taken in." She announced, addressing the lady holding the clipboard in the corner of the room.
"Drop ten inches from the previous size on the waist... and five from the torso." 
Heechul watched the designer roll the measuring tape around her wrist before slipping out of the room with the lady holding the clipboard. But that wasn't what he cared about... her words still echoed in his head. He had lost weight! He had really done it! With barely any effort on his behalf, no doubt.

But Heechul's celebratory mood only lasted momentarily before he was overcome with a strong feeling of light-headedness followed closely by a splitting headache. A surprised gasp spilled from Heechul's lips as his hands shot up to his temples, pressing down on them in an attempt to stop the throbbing feeling. Doing this, however, only made his lightheaded feeling worse and eventually led him to stumbling off the platform.

He wasn't even sure what happened but the next time he opened his eyes he was on the ground with Hye Ri standing over him, a worried expression playing over her usually expressionless face.
"Heechul, what happened? Are you alright?" She asked, concern slightly evident in her voice.
Heechul sat up and rubbed his head. The dizzyness had gone, but the headache was still faintly pounding away at his temples.
"I'm fine, I tripped." He murmured, rising to his feet and once again taking his position on the pedastol.
He wasn't actually sure what had happened, but he was certain that was not normal...

[ Seoul Metro Area, Cising Capitol - 9:30pm ]

Hankyung was beyond surprised that after all that time staring at the computer screen he hadn't gone completely blind. It was still a wonder to him. In the window behind him the sky had gone dark without him evening knowing it. He had started the document at four and in the blink of an eye five hours had slipped through his fingers. But he was slowly getting used to it. If he could keep ahead of his work, he'd be able to make it to the fashion show Heechul had previously mentioned like he had promised - well, hadn't promised. More like been forced to attend.

He was about to start on the next report when a knock on his office door thieved his interest, shattering his concentration into tiny shards. An agitated groan escaped his lips as he turned his attention towards the door. Why did Sang Hee send someone up to the top floor without his permission? He didn't quite get it... but, as always, his curiosity on the situation got the better of him.
"Come in." He called, removing the glasses from the bridge of his nose and setting them down on the desk.
Out of anyone to enter his office, he hadn't expected it to be this person.

He watched as the door opened to reveal a beautiful young lady with shiny, auburn coloured hair that grazed her thin waistline. She was dressed in a black dress that reached just above her knees and was adorned with silver jewelery. Or, in other words, it was his wife.
"Na Young, what are you doing here?" He asked, his voice emotionless and flat instead of holding any surprise or shock.
He watched as Na Young closed the door behind herself and approached his desk.
"I was working around the area today and was wondering if I could get a ride home with you." She said in her feathery voice.

Hankyung leaned back in his chair, pinching the bridge of his nose in between his thumb and forefinger.
"Na Young I have a lot of work to do so I'm not going home anytime soon. Didn't you take your car?" He asked, fighting to keep his irritation from slipping into his voice.
"No, I didn't. I got a ride to work today... if it's work, I can wait." She murmured quietly.

Na Young approached the desk, preparing to take a seat on the edge of the polished wood when Hankyung sharply rose from his seat, slamming his hands down on the desk. Na Young jumped back, startled by her husbands reaction.
"Go home first. Take my car. I'll take a taxi." He said - no, it was more of a cold order now.
Na Young stared at him blankly, her eyes wide and pupils dialated.
"What... what's with that?" She asked, slowly regaining her voice from her previous fright, "Hankyung, you've been acting strange lately! Why is that?!"

Hankyung continued to glare at her with the icy cool expression not once leaving his face as he once again sat back down in his chair.
"Na Young... you need to go home." He murmured, fighting to keep his voice steady.
Na Young, however, didn't budge from her position.
"No! I want to know what's wrong with you lately! You're distant, you're cold, you're... you're... not you!" She fired back, hysteria lacing her tone.
"Na Young, I sai-"
"NO! Tell me where my husband went!" She cried, cutting his sentance off in cold blood, "See?! This isn't you! The man I married wouldn't be acting like this! He'd be nicer! Gentler! He wou-"

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! GO HOME." Hankyung yelled, jabbing a finger at the door.

Na Young was stunned into silence. She stood rooted to the spot what seemed like forever, simply staring into her husbands eyes. When his expression failed to change, Na Young bit down on her lip and turned on the tip of her heel, exiting the office without another word.

Only after she had left did Hankyung fall back into his chair with an agitated groan. Not at Na Young, but at himself. Raising his fist into the air, he brought it down on the edge of the desk, the impact ringing through his office.

"Fuck... !"


AN// Do you guys know why he didn't want her to touch the desk... ? ;) Thanks for reading!
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