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Siren Song ( Chapter 9 - Runway )

Author: xieh
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul/Hankyung
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC- 17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...

[ Seoul ( Seodaemun District ), #455 Taeri Street - 5:30am ]
Na Young slid her hand from the warmth of beneath her pillow and began unkowingly stroking her arm, trying to settle the goosebumps that dotted her skin. From somewhere in the room the monotonous sound of a clock could be heard ticking away... what time was it, anyway? When she had gone to bed it was eleven. Had she actually slept? No. The night had passed by at a snails pace and the only real way she knew that time had passed by was because of the slowly fading darkness outside. Before Na Young knew it, the faintest trace of sunlight was peeking through the tightly drawn bedroom curtains.

She was getting used to it lately, the feeling of completing a day of work on so little sleep. Despite the fact that her entire body was screaming for a break, her mind wouldn't comply. It had been like this ever since Hankyung had begun sleeping in the guest room... the night of their fight at his office. Perhaps it was a sort of pathetic self defense mechanism. The only thing she saw when she closed her eyes was her husband's enraged face.

Na Young parted her eyelids, the surrounding air stinging her dry and sleep-deprived retinas as she did so. Propping herself up on her elbow, she extended her free arm forward and slipped her fingers around the wedding photo sitting on the end table, bringing it closer to her. The couple in the photo looked so happy... both where smiling. The bride was gorgeous with flowers adorning her hair and the groom was handsome dressed in black, his arm hooked around his wife's thin waist creating a stark contrast between the fabrics.

"Who are you..." Na Young whispered, running her fingertips over the glass surface. The couple in that photograph... was not her and her husband. They were completely foreign to her now. They may have been recognizable at one point, but that was long gone. Where had her husband gone? Who was the man that replaced him? She just couldn't figure it out... and it made her head hurt something bad trying to figure it out.

A soft smile played across Na Young's lips as she recalled the day she and Hankyung had first met. The moment their eyes met, she knew that there was something between them. It had been instantaneous. She remembered it all... the kindness, the gentleness, the humor... his personality was like something she had never encountered before. He was simply... different than the rest of the men she had dated. In fact, Na Young still remembered his proposal like it was yesterday. It was on the beach in front of the orange glow of the setting sun. The smell of the ocean waves, the sand between her toes... she remembered.

Where had he gone? The man she had married... he had been replaced with a man who was constantly cold to her now. They hadn't spoken since the argument that had transcribed between them back at Cising Capitol. When Na Young had tried to reason with him - plead him not to leave her alone in that room - he hadn't even spared her a glance. She didn't understand it. She didn't understand anything that was going on anymore. Nothing added up!

The sound of the door opening cut through Na Young's thoughts like a knife. In a panic, she snapped her eyes shut and clutched the wedding photo to her chest. Only after she did this did Na Young try and locate some logic behind it. Naturally, she found none. Why was she pretending to be asleep? It was her house as much as his... if anything, she should face him right now and speak her mind, demand some answers.

... But why did that frighten her? Once again, her heart and her mind weren't agreeing. In Na Young's mind, she wanted to be strong and confident... but in her mind, she didn't want to face the problem. She wanted to keep living in the cozy lie she had built around herself... live the lie that her husband still loved her, and that every day that passed, she wasn't just a waste of time in his eyes. To face Hankyung right there and then would ultimately mean to face the same man she had encountered a week ago at Cising Capitol.

Na Young listened intently as the soft sound of footfalls against the carpeted bedroom floor got closer to where she was laying. When they ceased he was a mere few feet away from her. A moment of silence crept through the room and Na Young wasn't sure if he had found out she was awake or not, and was simply waiting for her to open her eyes. She would have fallen for it as well, if the rustling sound of clothing didn't suddenly replace the silence that had settled over the room. Na Young didn't have to see it with her own eyes to know that he had lowered himself into a crouching position. Momentarily, she broke out into a cold sweat, expecting him to say something along the lines of the fact that he knew she was not asleep.

The soft shuffle of clothing started up once again and this time, it was followed by something else. The gentle graze of his fingertips as they scaled the pale flesh of her arm. It was a gesture that both comforted her and sent shivers up her spine at the same time. It was a touch that was so well known to her, and yet completely foreign in the same breath. In another shuffle of clothing, he had gotten closer. Na Young could tell by the strong, infiltrating scent of cologne that momentarily flooded her senses. That was when Hankyung did something that she was not expecting, a gesture that nearly had her in tears right there and then. It was faint, yet a feeling that she could never forget as long as she lived. It was the gentle brush of her husbands lips over her forehead.

Before he left the room, Hankyung proceeded to slip the wedding photo from Na Young's grasp and set it up once again on the end table. Only after she was certain that he was no longer in her presence did Na Young allow the tears that were stinging at her eyes to freely flow, creating a salty trail down her pale face and creating a dark impression on her bedspread. That man... was the one she knew. That was the man she married. The man that she had just encountered was her husband...

Pushing herself up into a sitting position and rising to her feet, Na Young made her way over to the large window overlooking their driveway just in time to see Hankyung arrive at his car. Turning sharply on her heel, she dove for her cellphone and flipped it open, navigating her way to the contacts section and scrolling down until she hit Hankyung's name. However, instead of pressing down on the call button, her thumb simply hovered over it hesitantly. She was going to call him and then... what? Plea with him again? Ask him to come home? Na Young highly doubted that his gesture stood for drastic change...

With a good amount of force, Na Young threw the cellphone onto the bed. It meant nothing... one gesture didn't change anything...
[ Seoul ( Gangnam District ), Ziyi Studios - 5:04pm ]
"Ow! Watch it, will you?!" Heechul snapped, turning in his chair to face the stylist currently working on his hair.
The stylist met his gaze with one of pure annoyance - probably at the fact that he had moved while she was in the middle of doing his hair. Heechul blinked, fully prepared to go off at the stylist for acting so arrogant in front of him. But he bit his tongue and thought better of it. After all, this was not the day to be picky with stylists. Hye Ri had given him strict instructions. Wardrobe, Hair, and then Makeup - and under no circumstances cause a scene.

It was amazing how quickly events one was not looking forward to seemed to approach faster than normally. It seemed like just yesterday he was being informed of this fashion show, and now here he was seated in one of the cheap wooden chairs getting his hair done while just on the other side of the curtain famous photographers and designers were taking their seats outside preparing for the show.

From the reflection in the mirror, Heechul could see managers running about the place like chickens with their heads cut off while models either sat in makeup or where going through finishing touches on their outfits. Hye Ri was one of them - in fact, he hadn't seen her in awhile. She had said she was going to talk to the designer and had disappeared without a trace. It wasn't like it mattered to him anyway. As a matter of fact, Heechul hadn't exactly been feeling nervous about the entire thing. There was some flaw in that, he was certain. He almost felt too confident that nothing bad was going to happen.

Maybe it was because he still had yet to spot that certain someone. Lee Hyukjae. It wasn't like he didn't stand out from a crowd either with that pale blonde hair of his. Among the endless wave of managers, he also had yet to locate his. Heechul was positive that Hyukjae wouldn't simply drop out of the fashion show without a good reason, if that - yet some part of him was still feeding his overconfidence, the thought that perhaps he had chickened out continuously playing through his mind like a broken film reel.

Another thought decided to flood his mind at that point. Would Hankyung be there? Heechul had reserved him a seat and had specifically told him that he had to be there... every time he tried to call Hankyung that week he had been busy with work. Didn't that mean he was free that day? Heechul sure hoped so... it almost felt like without someone familiar sitting in the crowd, he wouldn't be able to succeed. To him, he needed Hankyung to be there to successfully complete the show. What would he do if he didn't show up? What if he couldn't make it? They were disturbing thoughts that Heechul forced to the back of his mind. He couldn't think of those now...

"Heechul what are you doing?! The show is starting, you're still in makeup?!"

The sharp sound of Hye Ri's voice snapped Heechul out of his dream land and forced him to return back to the fast-paced reality he was currently living. In front of him stood his manager, arms crossed over her chest and a cold glare painted over her face.
"Yes I got it I got it." Heechul murmured, dissmissively waving his hand in the air.
Rising from his chair, Heechul followed Hye Ri over to the slowly forming crowd of models.
"Now stay here." She instructed, "I'll be back before you go on."

"Heh, she has too little faith in me..." Heechul scoffed as he watched Hye Ri once again disappear into the crowd of coordinators and staff.
"Well if it isn't Heechul..."
For a moment, Heechul was overcome with dread at the sudden vocal addition. That was a voice he knew only too well. Upon turning his head, he came face to face with none other than Lee Hyukjae.
"I didn't think you'd show up." Heechul inquired, blinking in genuine shock at the younger model.
"Like I would pass up a chance like this." He snapped, a smirk playing across his lips.
Heechul raised an eyebrow at his statement, "You really should just sit back and watch how a professional does it..."
"Even professionals lose their touch..." Hyukjae replied almost too comfortably.

Heechul - who was fully prepared to fire back an insult at Hyukjae's comment - was suddenly overcome with a strong sense of light headedness, followed closely by an ear pounding headache. A low hiss spilled from his lips as he pressed down on his temples with his index finger, trying to somehow lessen the pain. It wasn't exactly new, but it wasn't welcome either. Heechul had found that these strange dizzy spells had been happening more frequently as of late. They had begun that one day at the design studio, and even got so bad as to include nausea into the mixture. But why did it have to happen now out of all times?!

Much to Heechul's relief, Hye Ri decided to return at that moment and no sooner had she arrived did she take hold of his arm and drag him away from Hyukjae.
"Don't you dare make a scene here, Heechul." She murmured in a warning voice, "The last thing we need is for you and Hyukjae to start a fight."
Heechul simply nodded in reply, the constant throbbing in his head causing his words to snag in his throat.

Heechul approached the edge of the curtain leading out towards the main catwalk. Even from were he was standing, the music was overpowering. In front of him the white marble catwalk seemed to stretch for miles and surrounding it from every corner was the flash of a camera light. He could barely see two feet in front of him. Heechul took a deep breath in an attempt to calm his nerves - and the lightheadedness clouding his vision - and prepared to take a step forward when the feeling of fingers clamping around his forearm stopped him.

Surprised, Heechul threw a glance over his shoulder half expecting Hyukjae to be standing there ready to fire off another insult. Instead, it was Hye Ri and playing over her face was a rare expression - a smile.
"I... just... you'll do fine. I have faith in you, Heechul. Now... go!" She murmured, pushing him forward slightly.
Heechul couldn't help but smile at his manager's kind gesture, especially considering it was completely foreign of her to do so.

Lifting his chin high, Heechul took his first step onto the catwalk stretching out before him...
"Damn!" Hankyung cursed as he slammed his car door behind him.
He was late - the cause of a very important client that simply could not put off a meeting with him. By the time Hankyung had glanced at a clock, it was already much past his originally planned time of departure. All he could do was hope that Heechul hadn't already walked the catwalk - if he had, Hankyung was certain he would never hear the end of it. Hankyung rounded the corner of the studio building and was shocked to see an ambulance parked outside, lights flashing and siren blaring. The vehicle was being swarmed by what looked like millions of photographers and reporters.

The strong feeling of dread mixed with a hint of worry overcame Hankyung as he approached one of the photographers. Extending his hand, he gently tapped the stranger on the shoulder.
"What... happened here..." He asked, nearly choking on his own words.
The answer he was given was not what he was expecting at all...

... But the chances that it was Heechul where slim, weren't they? It wasn't likely, was it?

AN// This chapter did not turn out like what I wanted it to, but I had to rewrite it a few times and therefore simply lost my patience. Sorry. >_<

Tags: Genre✎Angst, Genre✎Drama, Genre✎Romance, Genre✎Smut, Group✎Super Junior, Member✎Choi Siwon, Member✎Han Geng, Member✎Kim Heechul, Member✎Lee ❝Eunhyuk❞ Hyukjae, Pairing✎Heechul ♡ Han Geng, Pairing✎Heechul ♡ Siwon
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