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Siren Song ( Chapter 10 - Reconcile )

Author: Xieh
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul/Hankyung
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC -17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ][ 10 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...

[ Seoul ( Seodaemun District ), #455 Taeri Street - 11:20pm ]
Hankyung leaned back into the cushions of the couch, running his hands over his eyes and allowing an agitated, worried sigh escape his lips as he did so. In front of him, the teleivision screen was flashing images of the fashion show that held place earlier that day. Short video clips of the venue and the show momentarily made their way across the screen, followed closely by later clips of the ambulance, the growing crowd of photographers, and a flash of the injured model's face - which ultimately proved Hankyung's nightmare to be true.

A wave of guilty regret washed over him as he ran his gaze over the caption at the bottom of the screen which seemed to stick out like a blotch of black ink on a white sheet of paper.
"Model Kim Heechul taken to hospital after fainting on the runway." Hankyung mouthed silently, the final word of the sentance hanging off his lips.

What if he had been there sooner? Could he have prevented something? Or would it have just happened anyway? Fate did have a sick, funny way of toying with her pawns. And yet that sticky feeling of what-if wouldn't leave Hankyung alone, it continuously nagged at him. It had been there while he was driving back to Cising Capitol, pressuring him to turn around and go back, to follow the ambulance to the hospital. It had been there while he continuously stole glances towards his cellphone, screaming at him about how he knew that something was wrong, and that Heechul would not be calling any minute to spill on how a model had to be rushed to the hospital during the show. Yet Hankyung continued to ignore it, pushing it to the darker side of his mind along with other things he would rather not have thought about at the moment.

"What are you going to do now?" Hankyung scoffed bitterly, planting his left elbow against the couch armrest and resting his chin on his fist, "Turn off the television and pretend this didn't happen either?"
Of course, he was addressing nobody but himself and the inky black silence flooding the living room. In all truth, he felt sick with himself. He should have turned around and followed the ambulance to the hospital, and when questioned why he was there told them straight up that he was a person very close to Heechul.

Hankyung's attention slowly drifted towards the phone that lay forgotten and uncared for beside his thigh. Since he first saw the news report, he had tried calling Heechul's cellphone at least ten times - each attempted met with ultimate failure. He chalked it up to either he turned his cellphone off or his manager had it - neither option working in his favor. The only thing he could do was wait until the next day and go to the hospital during visiting hours. Hankyung stole a glance towards the clock hanging against the wall. Visiting hours seemed quite a ways off...

At that moment a lock of shiny auburn colored hair fluttered into his peripheral vision, followed by the feeling of two silky pale colored arms circling around his neck and resting against his collarbone.
"Isn't that Heechul on the news?" Na Young inquired, pointing a well manicured fingernail at the television screen.
Inaudibly, Hankyung sighed in slight annoyance. If there was one person he definitely did not want around at that moment, it was his wife. It wasn't just because the man he was cheating on her with was on television, he was certain that even if he still did have any romantic feeling for her what-so-ever he would still be ticked. It was because he simply wanted to be alone in his misery at that particular moment.

Instead of coldly brushing her off like he usually would have, however, Hankyung nodded his head.
"Yeah..." He murmured hollowly.
Hankyung wasn't exactly sure himself why he hadn't brushed Na Young off yet... maybe it was because he was trying to get some sort of selfish comfort out of her. It wasn't exactly working... and yet, there was still that strange absence of guilt.

"Na Young, do you think I'm a bad person?"

Before he could catch himself, Hankyung ended up vocally speaking the one thought that had been fogging up his mind for quite some time. Immediately, he cursed this action. Out of all the people to voice his thoughts around, it was Na Young. Or maybe there was a meaning as to why he suddenly asked her that. Maybe it was because he already knew her answer was going to be yes. It was definite, it was certain... and that was the answer he wanted to hear, wasn't it? Certainly, he wanted to know that he was still a good person despite everything he had done, to keep living in the cozy little lie he had built for himself. Or did he, somewhere deep inside, want to face the icy cold reality of the fact that he had sunken so low he couldn't even see the light anymore.

"You're not a bad person..." Na Young replied, brushing her lips over his left temple.
Hankyung did his best to keep from grimacing at this gesture - and her response in general. The satisfaction, the ultimate relief of hearing the answer he wanted... wasn't there. He still felt terrible, and Na Young's answer only seemed to make him feel worse.

"How about we go visit him tomorrow? It's Saturday, right? You don't need to work, I don't need to work..." Na Young questioned, her voice slightly trailing off towards the end.
Hankyung couldn't hide the mixture of shocked surprise that momentarily masked his expression.
"Well... I was going to go tomorrow..." He murmured, cutting his sentance off midway.
What was he supposed to say? Obviously, he wanted alone time with Heechul... but for some bizarre reason, he couldn't seem to find it in his heart to say no to Na Young. Hankyung momentarily returned his attention towards the television screen, now painted with images of the hospital that was surrounded by herds of reporters, cameras flashing away and continuously dying the scene a blinding white before returning it to it's dull colors. More than anything, he just wanted to make sure Heechul was alright.

"Yeah, that... sounds fine..." Hankyung echoed, a blank expression painted over his face.
"I'll make sure to get some flowers from the conservatory." Na Young murmured in a light tone.
Hankyung abruptly rose to his feet, tearing away from Na Young's grip.
"I'm going to sleep." He announced, promptly exiting the living room without sparing a passing glance.

Na Young's momentary shock turned into slight skepticalism as she exchanged a glance between her husband and the television. She understood friendship, but wasn't him beating himself up over the matter taking things too seriously?
"No, that's silly." Na Young whispered, laughter nervously spilling from her lips.
That's when it hit her, was she... jealous? The burning, bitter feeling stinging her heart, was it jealousy? But that was insane, why would she be jealous? Hankyung wasn't into things like that... and he was married to top it off. Or maybe she was jealous because he seemed to show more concern for Kim Heechul than he did his own wife.

"Insane." Na Young murmured, rubbing her eyes with the palm of her hands, "You're overthinking this..."
They were just... good friends, weren't they?
[ Seoul ( Gangnam District ), Ziyi Studios - 5:30pm ]
No sooner had he placed his first step onto the catwalk was Heechul bombarded with camera flashes. They seemed to be coming from everywhere and anywhere he could see, and they blinding his vision, preventing him from seeing anything but the catwalk stretching out before him. In fact, the inanimate object seemed to be taunting him, as though it were telling him there was no way he could successfully walk a straight line, turn around and walk back. It only proved to make Heechul more determined than ever to get the event over with.

Heechul worked the lights, strode further down the stage, passing through the burning lights and over them. He placed one foot fluidly after another, owning the catwalk, possessing that tiny strip of stage. Heechul reached the end and dug the tip of his heels into the shimmering marble floor, turning his head and twisting his body, preparing to turn back and exit the stage. All the while, he was ignoring the fact that one of the lacy decorations on his outfit constantly tangled around his left leg, and the feeling of his heeled shoes - which were a size too small for him - continued to dig into the flesh of his foot whenever he took a step. Heechul kept his expression blank and unreadable, only allowing the slight break of a smirk to play across his lips as he reached the end of the thing platform.

However there was one problem that would quickly prove to be quite troublesome. His headache hadn't gone away. In fact, if anything, it had gotten worse. Much worse. It felt like someone was hammering away at his temples and it was causing his vision to blur. His mind felt light-headed, as though he weren't even controlling his body anymore but was merely an innocent bystander. Heechul tried to shake it off, tried to ignore it until he got off stage. It was only a few more steps away, and then he'd ask Hye Ri to get him some tylenol.

No sooner had the headache escalated did Heechul find himself enter a world of inky black darkness, followed by a sharp pain that shot up his leg. The last thing he remembered was the surprised, shocked, and horrified gasps of guests as he went tumbling off the stage...

[ Seoul ( Jung District ), Seoul National University Hospital - 7:30pm ]
The first thing Heechul noticed when he regained consciousness was the overpowering smell of cheap soap, followed by medications and metals. The next thing he noticed was the feeling of scratchy bedsheets and tough linen clothes. Heechul cracked open an eyelid, taking in his surroundings. Pale green walls with wooden trim, blue-ish white curtains, and a machine that constantly continued to beep which continued to annoy Heechul to no end.

"Where am I... ?" He questioned, proceeding to sit up in the hospital bed.
After completeing this small movement Heechul was promptly overwhelmed by a sense of dizzyness which caused him to ultimately fall back into the over-fluffed pillow behind him. He placed one hand over his forehead, eyebrows knotting together in confusion. It didn't make sense, last time he checked, he was at Ziyi Studios. Now he was laying down in some hospital room staring out over the lively city of Seoul while he was completely bedridden.

In another corner of the room which had been sealed off from Heechul's view by the edge of one of the curtains, sat his manager Hye Ri who was currently in a deep conversation on her cellphone with the company president, explaining the situation and apologising profusely. Her face was shaded over with worry and somewhere along the way she had loosened her hair, allowing the glossy black waves to tumble down her back and frame her face. She heard the shuffle of bedsheets, followed by the complaining that she knew oh too well coming from her forever arrogant model.

"He woke up, I'll call you back." Hye Ri cried into the phone, her excitement and relief clearly portrayed through her voice.
Pressing the pad of her thumb down on the end call button on her cellphone, she abandoned the electronic device on her chair and rose to her feet, dashing towards the white curtain and wheeling around it. In front of her sat Heechul, staring out the window with a hand over his forehead and a confused expression clearly plastered across his expression. A wave of relief washed over her as she approached his bedside, clearing away the worry that had previously been troubling her.

"Oh Heechul, thank god you're alright!" Hye Ri said, brushing her fingers over his hand, "Do you remember what happened?"
Heechul blinked, raising an eyebrow quizzically at her before shaking his head, "I don't. Why does my head hurt so badly?"
He shook his head and pressed down on his temples in an attempt to stop the pain, but ultimately failed to do so.
"You hit your head on the edge of the stage on your way down... and sprained your ankle. The doctor said it isn't anything too serious and you can go on Monday." Hye Ri murmured, taking a seat on the edge of the hospital bed.

Heechul stared at Hye Ri in disbelief. Not at the fact that he had hit his head, nor was it at the fact that he had managed to slip and fall. He was currently questioning her personality. It was like she was a completely different person than the manager he knew. The manager he knew was cold, professional and rather uncaring. She was like an ice queen who could care less about anyone who stood under her. The person who sat before him was warm and caring, and seemed genuinly worried about him. He didn't even know Hye Ri had this type of side to her...

"I've cleared your schedules for awhile... about a week at least so you can rest up." Hye Ri said, her voice slightly on edge as though she were about to say something else but cut her sentance off.
"Is that alright?" Heechul questioned, eyes widening at what she had just told him.
Hye Ri, however, didn't respond. She seemed to stare off into the distance, a blank expression masking her face. She seemed... conflicted, almost. As though she were fighting herself on something. Finally, she broke the silence.

"Heechul, stop taking those pills." Hye Ri stated, turning to lock their eyesight together.
Heechul was taken off guard by this, and for a good few seconds any attempt to string together a sentance of words proceeded to die on the tip of his tongue.
"Weren't you the one who gave them to me?!" Heechul shot back, eyebrows narrowing.
Hye Ri shrank back as though physically stung by his words. She looked down at her hands, biting down on her bottom lip.
"I'm telling you to stop it as Hye Ri, not as your manager..." Hye Ri murmured quietly.

There were times that Hye Ri was almost certain that she was not suited to be the manager of Korea's most popular model, and this was one of those times. She was only too aware of how hard models had to work to obtain the popularity Heechul had, and how many risks for their lives they had to take on a daily basis. When she had been chosen as his manager, she had been told that she was the only person who could successfully perform such a job. With her cold, uncaring personality she was certain to keep her model on the fast track to fame and popularity. Hye Ri had been so certain that she was ready to take the job, but somewhere along the way she began doubting the decisions she had to make. But this was the modelling industry, and to survive here she couldn't afford to be soft and caring. People like that got beaten to a pulp and forgotten in such a fast paced world.

Hye Ri's thoughts were cut short by the sound of the hospital room door being swung open, followed by the nurse's voice.
"Kim Heechul, you have a visitor." She announced, before taking her leave.
Hye Ri raised an eyebrow in confusion. She was cerain she had told the hospital not to allow any reporters into Heechul's room... an agitated sigh escaped Hye Ri's lips as she ran her long, slender fingers through her inky black hair. She'd have to deal with this one personally. Hye Ri rose to her feet, prepared to tell off any reporter that had managed to enter the room. Who she saw however, was no reporter.

Standing before her framed by the doorway stood a man only slightly taller than her with bleach blonde hair that shielded one of his eyes.
"... Lee Hyukjae?" Hye Ri asked, wide eyed and shocked.
"Uh... hey..." He replied awkwardly, raising his hand in a sort of half-baked wave, "Can I talk to Heechul?"
Hye Ri crossed her arms over her chest, uncertain whether she should let him pass or turn him around and kick him out of the hospital room right there and then. Ultimately, Hye Ri decided to step aside and allow him entry.
"Thanks..." He murmured, passing by her.

Heechul, who had been busy staring out the window and really couldn't have cared less who was at the door, suddenly changed his mind as soon as Hyukjae came into site. But his momentary surprise melted into a sly smirk as he leaned back into his pillow.
"... Heh, what? Here to gloat?" Heechul snickered bitterly, "Well go ahead. Look at me, look at Kim Heechul. Bedridden in a hospital room with a sprained ankle. I'm sure you're loving this. Maybe you want to take pictures? Go ahead!"

Hyukjae stared at him with wide eyes, and immediately Heechul knew he had gone too far.
"... Sorry." He murmured in apology.
"It's fine..." Hyukjae replied with a shake of his head, "I'm sure I'd act the same if I were in your situation."
"So what are you here for?" Heechul asked, tipping his head to the side slightly, "I'm certain it's not just to say hi, and if it isn't to boast..."
Heechul cut himself off as Hyukjae approached the edge of his hospital bed and extended his hand. He stared at it for a second before raising an eyebrow questioningly at Hyukjae.

"To be truthful... " Hyukjae murmured, rubbing the back of his neck with the palm of his free hand, "I... have always admired you, Heechul. And I do want to surpass you, but not like this. Honestly, I regret the way I acted... so I want to say I'm sorry, and ask if we can start over."
Heechul blinked at him, taken by surprise at the sudden change of events. 
"I know that I don't really... deserve a second chance after I acted..." Hyukjae said with a sigh.
"No, you don't." Heechul replied with a nod of his head.

However, before Hyukjae could take his hand away and leave the room, Heechul slipped his own hand into place.
"But that doesn't mean I won't give you one anyway." He said, flashing Hyukjae a warm smile.
"But just so you know," Heechul added, "This doesn't mean I'll go easy on you. You and I are rivals don't forget."
Hyukjae matched Heechul's smile with one of his own, "I never planned on it..."


AN// Soooo tired... ~_~;; I've been finding that it's getting increasingly difficult to write chapters, so I'm going to take a tiny break, write a bit of a side story on one of our less frequently mentioned couples in the story, and then get back to the main story. Also, school is back in session on Monday, so I may be updating less frequently, but I'll make sure to keep updating regardless! I'll just... write out chapters during class time or something. Pfft, who needs to pay attention in class anyway? Night guys, thanks for reading! :)

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