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Siren Song ( Chapter 11 - News )

Author:  xieh
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul/Hankyung
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC -17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ][ 10 ][ 11 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...

[ Seoul ( Jongno District ), Metro Area - 4:20pm ]

Siwon slammed his thumb down on the end call button, frustrated after yet another failed attempt at getting through to Heechul's cell. He had been trying the number since earlier the previous evening with the same failed result. And it made absolutely no sense to him. Heechul wasn't the type not to anwer his cellphone, especially if it was someone he knew. An agitated sigh parted Siwon's lips, escaping into the afternoon air as he reluctantly closed his cellphone and slipped it back into his coat pocket before rubbing his eyes with the palm of his hand. Though he wasn't really sure why he put it away in the first place, knowing him he'd just fish it out again in a mere five minutes.

"Siwon, what are you doing?"

The sound of So Yoon's voice infiltrated his clouded thoughts and brought him back to reality with a jump. Snapping his head to the right, he was greeted by a rather unpleasantly angry expression painted across So Yoon's face as her steely bronze eyes glared at him from beneath narrowed eyebrows. In all truth, Siwon had absolutely forgotten she was on his arm. He had been so caught up in trying to get a hold of Heechul that he had simply been walking blindly through the crowd of afternoon shoppers. For all he knew, she could have been talking to him the entire time and he hadn't heard a word.

"Siwon," So Yoon repeated, bitterness lining her voice, "Are you even listening? Why are you paying so much attention to that cellphone of yours?" 
By now they had come to a stop, and the never ending flow of everyday people where merely walking around them as though they were some type of road block. So Yoon hadn't released his arm - if anything, she had tightened her grip - and Siwon was at an absolutely loss for words. He couldn't exactly tell her the entire truth...
"Just... trying to get a hold of a friend." Siwon murmured, avoiding So Yoon's dangerous glare.
So Yoon raised her eye questioningly at this statement, obviously not believing a word he said.

"A girl?" She inquired, tipping her head to the side slightly.
Siwon's eyebrows shot up in surprise at So Yoon's question, obviously taken off guard by the nature of it. 
"Not a girl..." He said with a shake of his head.
It wasn't like he was exactly lying... Heechul wasn't a girl, after all. He may have been feminine at times, but he definitely wasn't a girl.

Siwon lifted his arm and draped it across So Yoon's shoulders in an attempt to distract her from the problem currently at hand.
"I've got nobody but you, So Yoon." He said, tugging her closer to him.
Siwon wasn't sure it had worked at first, because judging by So Yoon's expression she wasn't phased by his comment. But gradually, her distaste faded into a smile filled with content as she slipped her slender, black clothed arm around his waist.
"Good." She murmured, resuming their walk down the busy Seoul street.

But under his breath, Siwon was cursing as he slid his fingers into his pocket and brushed the tips of them over his cellphone. He may have remedied the situation with So Yoon, but in doing so he had just walled off his cellphone privaleges. Now he couldn't take his cellphone out and dial Heechul's number without receiving a dirty look from So Yoon. 

Beside him, So Yoon had begun talking about something that she had seen on the news the previous evening. Honestly, Siwon couldn't have been less interested if he had tried, his thoughts were still foggy and swamped with worries over Heechul. He was dying to whip his phone out and try the number again. Or Hankyung's, if Heechul didn't pick up. Siwon simply responded to So Yoon with a series of 'Huh's, 'Yeah's, and 'That's interesting's. 

That was until she began talking about something that immediately managd to snag Siwon's attention.

"So, were you watching the news last night?" So Yoon asked, tipping her head quizzically at him, "Apparently yesterday a really famous model fainted on the runway."
Her words caused Siwon's blood to turn to ice in his veins and he almost tripped over his own feet.
"Yeah," She continued, waving her hand in the air for effect, "Apparently he... tripped or something, I don't really know the details. But they said he hit his head on the stage on his way down. It's stupid, isn't it? I mean, all you have to do is walk down a straight strip of stage. How on earth does one manage to fuck that up?"

Siwon stopped in his tracks resulting in So Yoon flashing him a rather confused, questioning look. But that was the least of Siwon's concerns at that moment. So Yoon had said 'He'. Heechul was a 'He'. He was also a model, and to top it off he hadn't been answering his phone since a day earlier. Siwon put his index finger to his left temple in an attempt to think more clearly. Had Heechul mentioned anything to him about a fashion show? No, he definitey hadn't... but he had overhead Hankyung and Heechul talking about something along those lines...

"Do... do you know the name of the model?" Siwon asked, face paler than a sheet.
So Yoon tapped her index finger against her jawline in a pondering gesture.
"... Kim... Heechul, I think? I might be wrong, I wasn't really paying attention..." She said with a shrug of her shoulders.

But Siwon had tuned her out as soon as she mentioned the name Kim Heechul. Suddenly his mind was like an unorganized mess, worries and anxiety flooding it like an ocean. What if Heechul was really injured, what if he had recieved a concussion or something along those lines. And he was just standing there, enjoying the day without a real care in the world?

"I need to go." Siwon announced abruptly, turning on his heel and weaving his way through the opposite direction of the crowd.
Behind him, So Yoon was shouting something but he was already too far away, her voice had been erased by the many sounds of Seoul.
[ Seoul ( Jung District ), Seoul National University Hospital - 5:30pm ]
Heechul kept his gaze fixated on the scenery painted just outside the glass window keeping him from the outside world. Even from where he was currently situated, he could clearly hear the sound of birds chirping outside and the hiss of tires on the concrete as they sped by, driver probably late for some previous engagement and now rushing to make it on time. Heechul was bitter with envy, how he wished he could be outside right there and then instead of being bed ridden and stuck in a hotel room that smelled of antibiotics, disenfectants and cheap wax paper. 

An agitated sigh escaped Heechul's lips as he flipped through the television channels for what seemed like the thousandth time. Seeing as he usually didn't spend much time at home anyway - it really was just a place to sleep for him - there wasn't exactly anything on the television that interested him. It did, however, seem as though any single news channel he landed on was broadcasting SOMETHING about his passing out on the runway the previous day. Hye Ri had said that the president of the agency was going to take care of it. Obviously, he wasn't doing a good job of it.

There was also the fact that every single nurse in the building had entered his room to see him at least once, if not more and if they weren't staring at him like a dog staring at some piece of meat, they were talking about him and giggling like teenage school girls. He didn't really mind the fact that they were talking about him, but when he could hear it, it was a different story. Unfortunately for him, Hye Ri had taken leave for a bit to go talk with the president, leaving him alone with nothing to keep him company but his unending boredom and the nurses who were fauning over him like crazy.

Another thing was the fact that Hye Ri decided to take his cellphone, taking his one form of communication in the building. Of course, there was a payphone downstairs... but those things were full of germs and bacteria, and it made Heechul sick to his stomach just thinking about putting that phone up against his ear. That wasn't the only reason he missed his cellphone. It had been days since he had talked to Hankyung, and in all honesty Heechul was beginning to miss the voice of his lover. This had probably the longest he had ever gone without talking to the younger man.

A sigh spilled from Heechul's lips as he laid back into his pillow, pressing the red button on top of the remote and killing the power to the television. After searching through the channels for at least the billionth time, he could safely conclude that no, there was not actually anything remotely interesting on television.

Almost as if on cue, the door to Heechul's hospital room swung open to reveal the slender figure of a female with glossy black hair that reached her waist in a cascade of tumbling waves. She was dressed rather normally, a pair of jeans that hung from her hips and a maroon colored tank top. It wasn't anything special really, just normal clothing - but for some reason, this lady made it look almost... unreal, like she were a photograph come to live.

In fact, it took Heechul a few seconds to tune into the fact that the lady standing in his doorway was indeed Hye Ri, his manager. The woman he had know for over six years, who always dressed with her hair pinned up and in professional looking clothes. Hye Ri had been dressing more normally since Heechul had been admitted to the hospital, and he was sure that no matter how many times she did it, he'd never get used to seeing her look like a real lady. 

Heechul kept his eyes glued on her, watching intently as she closed the door behind her and set her bag down on the couch in the far corner of the room and slipped her shades off of the bridge of her nose, folding them up and setting them down neatly beside the recently discarded purse.
"You can stop staring anytime." She murmured, turning on the tip of her heel and raising an eyebrow at Heechul.
"Who are you and what have you done with Hye Ri?" Heechul replied, eyes wide with wonder.

Hye Ri laughed curtly, "I'm sorry, is it not okay for me to dress like a human being for once?"
"I'm just... not used to it." Heechul murmured with a shake of his head.
"So it looks bad." Hye Ri inquired, planting her palm against her hip.
"Not at all, you look good." Heechul said with an approving nod of his head.

Hye Ri smiled warmly at his remark. It may not have been the compliment she had been fishing for, but it was something and to her that was all that really mattered. In all honestly, the one reason why she had begun dressing in more casual attire was for Heechul himself. She couldn't explain it, really. It even managed to confuse her, herself. Hye Ri didn't want to be seen as just some hard-ass manager, she wanted to be seen as a lady. Especially by Heechul. Unconsciously, she approached the edge of the bed and stared down at him with a vacant expression. Was it just... too much to ask for, or... ?

The sound of the door being opened brought Hye Ri back to reality. And just in time, too. She wasn't exactly sure what she had been planning to do, and it somewhat frightened and disturbed her at the same time. How she had just been acting, it was not professional. But her relief was quickly replaced with rage and embarrassment. Luckily, before she could turn on the nurse and shred her to pieces, she announced the arrival of a visitor. 

Heechul, who had momentarily been caught up with Hye Ri's recently strange actions, also turned his attention towards the door at the sound of visitor. Momentarily, he thought it was a reporter who had managed to somehow make it past the hospital security. That scenario, however, was quickly forgotten as soon as Heechul laid eyes on the figure standing in the doorframe. Dark hair, handsome features... it was none other than Hankyung! 

Heechul's excitement was quickly replaced with bitterness as he watched another person step into view. A feminine person with auburn colored hair and pale skin. Hankyung's wife, Na Young. That was when he became painfully aware of Hye Ri's presence as well, causing a wave of despair to wash over him... even if Hankyung hadn't brought Na Young along, they wouldn't have been able to have any alone time in the first place... 

Hankyung's feeling on the other hand were almost identically mirroring Heechul's. As soon as he caught site of the lady standing over his lover, Hankyung's had begun to feel bitter. It didn't help that he had Na Young in tow, but to top it off some lady was making a move on Heechul. It had been at least a week since he had last made contact with Heechul and he had wanted some private time alone with the older man. Not... this. 

"Who are you?" The mysterious woman asked, planting her hands on her hips and giving him a rather cold stare down.
"Hye Ri, I know them. They're fine." Heechul murmured, obviously trying way too hard to keep the distaste from his voice.
Hankyung blinked his eyes in surprise. Did he say Hye Ri? This lady in front of him was Heechul's manager? She didn't look too professional... definitely not the manager type. 

"Nice to meet you." Na Young said with a small bow, taking a small step forward into the room, "I'm Na Young, this is my husband Hankyung. He's a close friend of Heechul's." 
Hankyung had to admit, he was almost thankful for the fact that Na Young had spoken for him. If she hadn't, the awkward stare down between manager and secret lover would have extended onwards for quite some time. 

Hankyung waited until Na Young had fully entered the room and had passed on the bouquet of flowers enclosed in her arms to Hye Ri before he entered as well. Hye Ri bowed her head, taking the flowers from Na Young and setting them off to the side of the room. This gesture, however, was followed by an awkward silence that seemed to settle across the room in mere seconds. Hankyung had the feeling that he should begin a conversation, but nothing really came to mind. When he had planned this visit to Heechul, he hadn't been expecting a lot of talking to go on... and judging by the look that he and Heechul exchanged, Heechul hadn't either.

"Heechul, it's so nice to see that you're doing well!" Na Young exclaimed, once again taking initiative, "I heard that you fell, does your head hurt?"
Na Young approached the edge of Heechul's bedside and took a seat on the white sheets. Laughter spilled from Heechul's lips as he shrugged his shoulders at her question.
"I did fall, but it's not my head that I hurt. I sprained my ankle." He said, pointing towards his foot at the end of the bed.
"Really? Well that's a relief." Na Young said, breathing a sigh of releif before tossing a glance over her shoulder at Hankyung, "Isn't it a relief, honey?"

Hankyung wasn't sure if he was hearing correctly, or if it was just his mind playing tricks on him but he could have sworn Na Young added more emphasis than necessary on the word Honey. Either way, he inwardly winced at it and from the flaming look in Heechul's eyes, he wasn't exactly pleased about it either. That was one thing Hankyung took pride in - the fact that he seemed to be the only person who could truly read Heechul's blank expressions. And right now, he was not impressed...

"Yeah, it's a relief." Hankyung murmured with a smile.
And he was relieved... only he was still pouting over the no-alone-time. Na Young however, seemed to take no notice of this and turned her attention back to Heechul.
"When are you getting out of the hospital?" She asked, tipping her head to the side. 
"Monday, actually." Heechul replied, exchanging a quick glance with Hye Ri as though to confirm this.
Na Young clapped her hands together, "Perfect! Then next week how about we all go on a vacation?"

Both Heechul and Hankyung's expressions clouded over with confusion.
"Vacation?" They questioned in symmetry.
Na Young nodded, "Yes! We could take the yacht and spend the night at the vacation house."
She tossed a glance over her shoulder at her husband as thought waiting for him to confirm the vacation. Hankyung, however, was still confused on the entire matter. Na Young decided to take this as a yes and simply continued speaking.
"It'll be fun, I'm sure we could all use a vacation. We'll invite Siwon and So Yoon as well!" 
"So Yoon... ?" Heechul echoed, raising an eyebrow at Hankyung.
Na Young, however, was the one who decided to answer the question, "So Yoon, Siwon's girlfriend. Haven't you met her? She's a lovely lady..."

Heechul had turned Na Young out after hearing the words 'Siwon's Girlfriend'. Since when did Siwon have a girlfriend? And to top it all off, why hadn't he ever mentioned anything about it to him? Heechul couldn't figure it out... they were friends, weren't they? Could Siwon just... not trust him, or something along those lines? It made absolutely sense...

Almost as if on cue, there was a knock on the hospital door as the nurse announced there was a new guest who wished to see him and mentioning something about visiting hours being over soon.
"Well aren't you popular." Hye Ri quipped with a smirk, turning her attention towards the door in preparation to shoo out any reporters.
The person who stepped through the door however, was not a report but someone Heechul and Hankyung knew quite well. With his short, dark hair and muscular build, it couldn't be anyone other that Siwon. 

Siwon's worried expression turned blank as he entered the room, catching site of Na Young, Hye Ri and most of all Hankyung. Siwon couldnt help but feel jealous over the fact that - as usual - Hankyung had made it there first. It never did occur to him that there would have never been any alone time with Heechul anyway, Hankyung or not. 

"Oh my, Siwon!" Na Young said with a smile, "You have amazing timing!"
Na Young beckoned him over and like a mindless zombie, Siwon followed until he was standing next to Hankyung.
"Siwon," Heechul inquired, turning his attention to Siwon and locking their gazes, "You never told me about So Yoon."
In that instant, any color remaining in Siwon's face drained leaving him as white as a ghost. How on bloody earth had Heechul learned of So Yoon!? He quickly stole a glance to the side at Hankyung, an eyebrow rising skeptically. But Hankyung wouldn't, would he... ?
"She... we're not that serious." Siwon murmured unsurely, rubbing the back of his palm against his neck.

"Oh really." Heechul said with a small nod of his head, "Na Young here was just proposing a vacation. She said you should bring So Yoon along... wouldn't that be a good idea?"
Siwon nearly cursed out loud at his luck. So it was Na Young who mentioned So Yoon?! He should have guessed as much... Siwon responded to Heechul's question with a nod of his head, any words he tried to produce ultimately fading on the tip of his tongue. If there was anything he had wanted, it was for Heechul NOT to find out about So Yoon. But it looked as though that ship had sailed...

There was a sudden knock on the door, followed by the opening of said door.
"Visiting hours are over for today. Please come back tomorrow..." Said the nurse with the bow of her head, before taking her leave down the hall.
Na Young rose from the bed, smoothing the skirt of her dress down as she did so before approaching her husband and taking hold of his arm.
"Well, then it's settled! We'll have a vacation next week! It was nice seeing you, Heechul. I hope you're feeling better soon!" She said with a bow of her head.
Hankyung nodded, repeating Na Young's well wishes and exiting with his wife - but not before exchanging a reluctant glance with Heechul who seemed just as pissed off over the fact that they recieved no alone time. Siwon, who had ultimately noticed this gesture also said his goodbyes and left.

All in all, it had been a rather unsatisfactory visit for everybody - except Na Young, who's plan couldn't be going any better if she tried... 

AN// Oh boy, okay. I owe you all a huge apology for the late update. I'm so sorry, but please understand that school is back in session for me and this year is extremely important. I have projects due in planning, a science teacher who loves flooding her students with homework, and scripts to study for drama and to be honest it's exhausting. It doesn't mean that my writing is going to take a back seat, it just means updates may be... slower for a bit. I'll do my best to keep updating frequently, but school is my top priority. Thank you for understanding, you all may not be too thrilled with me right now but I still love you all! <3

Tags: Genre✎Angst, Genre✎Drama, Genre✎Romance, Genre✎Smut, Group✎Super Junior, Member✎Choi Siwon, Member✎Han Geng, Member✎Kim Heechul, Pairing✎Heechul ♡ Han Geng, Pairing✎Heechul ♡ Siwon
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