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24 March 2012 @ 05:57 pm
Simply a list of everything I've written and their descriptions and such to make it easier to navigate my Livejournal for the fics you wish to read. :)

Total Fics: 38 ( Including individual chapters )
Last Update: March 24th, 2012

Title: Deception
Word Count: One Shot || 3,011
Pairing: Jonghyun//Key
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: NC- 13 (Language~)
Warnings: None~
Summary: To cover up another scandal, Jonghyun has to do something that could ruin his relationship with Kibum...

Title: Finale
Word Count: One Shot || 1,740
Pairing: Han Geng//Heechul
Genre: Smut, Angst
Rating: NC- 17
Warnings: Language and Smutty smut-ness... teehee~
Summary: When the time for Hangeng to leave finally rears it's ugly head, how does Heechul handle the situation?

Title: Nailpolish and Heels; Battle of the Divas
Word Count: One Shot || 2,014
Pairing: SHINee&&Super Junior; HanChul Slight!JongKey, OnHo, 2Min, KangTeuk, EunHae, KyuMin (If you squint reeeeeeally hard... !)
Genre: Crack, Humor, Slight!Romance
Rating: PG- 13
Warnings: None!!
Summary: It's an all out war as Kim Heechul and Kim Kibum decide once and for all who's the REAL diva!

Title: One Bottle Too Many
Word Count: One Shot || 1,554
Pairing: Donghae/Zhoumi
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC- 17
Warnings: Language and wonderful Smutty smut-ness...
Summary: What happens after a night of celebratory drinking between two members of Super Junior M... ?

Title: Addiction
Word Count: One Shot || 1,540
Pairing: Donghae/Zhoumi
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC- 17
Warnings: Language and wonderful Smutty smut-ness...
Summary: Who wants to listen to the realistic side when the risk seems so much more tempting... ?
Note: Technically, this is a sequel to One Bottle Too Many, but it can be read as a one shot.

Title: Lorelei
Word Count: One Shot || 2,601
Pairing: Donghae/Zhoumi
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC- 17
Warnings: Language and wonderful Smutty smut-ness...
Summary: Given the choice between your lover and your love interest, who would you choose... ?
Note: This is a sequel to Addiction, which is a sequel to One Bottle Too Many

Title: You're my Kim Heechul
Word Count: One Shot || 215
Pairing: Heechul/Heebum
Genre: Crack
Rating: PG
Warnings: None!
Summary: Cats can get jealous as well...

Title: I really don't care... ! That much!
Word Count: One Shot || 632
Pairing: Friendship!Heechul/Leeteuk , Slight!HanChul, KangTeuk
Genre: Humor
Rating: G
Warnings: None~
Summary: Heechul's having boyfriend troubles again! Who else can he turn to besides his only hyung, Leeteuk?

Title: Not a Hair Out of Place
Word Count: One Shot || 810
Pairing: Centric!Heechul
Genre: Humor
Rating: G
Warnings: None~
Summary: When Heechul has a bad hair day all hell breaks loose...

Title: This Is Nothing Compared To Us
Word Count: One Shot || 3,824
Pairing: Heechul/Hangeng
Genre: Smut, Angst
Rating: NC- 17
Warnings: Language, smexual activity... ;]
Summary: Sometimes you have to act on impulse to retrieve the thing you love most...

Title: Siren Song
Length: Chaptered
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul/Hangeng
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC- 17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years now... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ One: Enticing ][ Two: Meeting ][ Three: Persuade ][ Four: Rival ][ Five: Decision ][ Six: Preparation ][ Seven: Suspicions ][ Eight: Dizzy ][ Nine: Runway ][ Ten: Reconcile ][ Eleven: News ][ Twelve: Vacation ][ Thirteen: Liar ][ Fourteen: Audacious ][ Fifteen: False ][ Sixteen: Memories ][ Seventeen: Console ][ Eighteen: Reflections ][ Nineteen: Poison ][ Twenty: Puppet ][ Twenty-One: Coffee ][ Twenty-Two: Recognize ][ Twenty-Three: Goodbye ]

Title: It's the Thought That Counts... ?
Word Count: One Shot || 999
Pairing: Centric!Ryeowook
Genre: Crack
Rating: NC- 13
Warnings: Laaaanguage
Summary: I don't think we'd want to know half the stuff that gets thrown up on stage during concerts...

Title: Shopping Fever
Word Count: One Shot || 2,308
Pairing: Centric!Zhou Mi
Genre: Humor, Crack
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mention of sex toys. No smut... not this time.
Summary: Super Junior M decide to take Zhou Mi shopping! This should be fun...

Title: I'm Lee Hyukjae... but I can't remember that!
Word Count: One Shot || 2,262
Characters: Centric!Eunhyuk, Super Junior
Genre: Humor, Crack
Rating: PG
Warnings: None that I can think of...
Summary: Super Junior is running late and Eunhyuk has seemed to have lost his memory! What will they do!?

Title: The Sand Between Our Toes
Word Count: One Shot || 1,037
Genre: Romance, Angst
Pairing: Jungsu/Taeyeon
Rating: G
Warnings: Noooooone~
Summary: Sometimes an ocean is all you need to escape the harsh world of reality...

Title: When the Raven Sings
Word Count: One Shot || 858
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Seohyun
Genre: Angst, Character Death, Slight!Romance
Warnings: Character Death
Summary: It's hard to believe someone can be there one moment and then gone the next...

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24 March 2012 @ 02:09 pm
Author: xieh
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Seohyun
Genre: Angst, Character Death, Slight!Romance
Warnings: Character Death
Summary: It's hard to believe someone can be there one moment and then gone the next...
Disclaimer: Nobody belongs to me. If they did, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be spending my time writing fanfics.

"Kyuhyun, do you think you're ready to leave her... ?"

"... No."

Kyuhyun stared down at the marble headstone before him with an blank face, the sadness he was obviously feeling not being reflected. The grave was new. There was no grass growing on the surface like the rest of them... it was a constant reminder that she had just been with him the other day. Above his head the blue sky had been invaded by gray storm clouds, blocking the sunlight from reaching the surface world and instead covering the land in ice cold rain. Kyuhyun tipped his head upwards, it was like the sky was mourning her death as well.

Beside him stood his close friend Park Jungsu, who by now was also soaked to the bone. He had his arm draped over Kyuhyun's shoulders in a consoling manner, despite knowing that no matter what the younger man would never reveal his true emotions on the situation to anybody but himself.
"Seohyun is free now," Jungsu murmured quietly, "And she's crying in your place because she knows that you won't."
She was free? From who? Kyuhyun couldn't supress the bitter smile that tugged at the corner of his lips... he knew the answer. It was from him.

He had never treated her the way she deserved to be treated. Seohyun had always been a kind girl, born with a pure, untainted heart that Kyuhyun was sure he had damaged a thousand times over. There had been a time a few years back where he had begun seeing another girl behind Seohyun's back. Kyuhyun had spent entire weeks with her, taking her on exotic vacations and buying her things he never would have even glanced at for Seohyun.

Seohyun had found out about it as well, but she had never said anything about it. The only reason Kyuhyun knew about her knowledge of his affair was when he came home and discovered her crying in their bedroom. He had felt no remorse back then, and had eventually broken it off with the other woman. Though it wasn't because of Seohyun, but because he had simply lost interest in the her.

Why had he never felt any remorse for what he had put Seohyun through? Kyuhyun was certain he had somewhere deep inside him, but he just couldn't feel it. Had he really, truly loved her? Of course he did, that was an idiotic question that didn't even need asking - after all, he had married her... and he wouldn't have married her had he not been in love with her, right? Did one need to be in love to marry his significant other? Suddenly Kyuhyun wasn't sure. He wasn't sure of anything.

The memory of Seohyun's death was still fresh in his memory. Fresh and raw. He had been on the phone with her when it happened. She had called him while she was driving home and had been asking him what he wanted for dinner so she could pick it up at the store while she was still in town. She had been talking animatedly with not a care in the world and Kyuhyun had been listening, not paying much attention to her words until he heard it. He heard Seohyun gasp, followed by the sound of rubber tires shrieking against the pavement and then the deafening sound of metal crashing against metal. Then the line went dead.

One always heard about deaths caused by people who were talking on the phone while driving on the television, but never did one imagine that it would happen to them. Yet it happened to Seohyun. In her lack of attention to the road, she had taken a turn too early and their tiny car had been crushed by a large semi. She never stood a chance. Kyuhyun had been listening to her one second, and the next she was dead. He had heard her death.

Kyuhyun's eyes began to sting, a feeling foreign to him. His eyes began watering until the inevitable happened. A lone tear trailed it's way down his cheek, followed by another... and another, until Kyuhyun was full out crying. Failing to catch his breath from the sobs that shook his entire body he fell to his knees, landing in the mud that had formed beneath his feet from the constant downpour of rain.

It was all coming to him now, the rush of emotions that had been absent throughout their entire marriage. Why did it take the death of the person he loved most to make him feel anything? Why did Seohyun have to get taken away from him? Why hadn't he treated her better... all those days they had together and he had wasted them. He had taken them, crumpled them up, and thrown them away without a care in the world.

This was all his fault. Her death was his fault. Kyuhyun banged his fists against the soft soil of Seohyun's grave, tears still streaming down his face.
"It's not fair," Kyuhyun murmured through gritted teeth as he delivered another blow to the ground beneath him, "Seohyun, come back to me... "
AN// Spur of the moment fic. I was actually going to write some smut but since I'm spending the afternoon at my mother's work, halfway through my beginning someone decided to take a seat behind me... so it was awkward. Besides, I really wanted to write some angst for some reason. Hope this did the trick!
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22 March 2012 @ 11:09 pm
Author: xieh
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC -17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ][ 10 ][ 11 ][ 12 ][ 13 ][ 14 ][ 15 ][ 16 ][ 17 ][ 18 ][ 19 ][ 20 ][ 21 ][ 22 ][ 23 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...

[ Incheon, Incheon International Airport - 11:30am ]
Heechul managed to pull into the Incheon International Airport thirty minutes shy of noon, the exact time Hye Ri's flight was scheduled to take off. Killing the power to the vehicle, he tore the keys from the ignition and stepped out of the car, slamming the door behind him and sprinting towards the entrance. Due to his recklessness, Heechul nearly got crushed by oncoming vehicles several times, resulting in receiving some foul words shrieked in his direction. Normally he would have retaliated with his own comebacks but there simply wasn't enough time to fit it into his schedule at that particular moment.

Only after practically bursting through the automatic doors of the airport did Heechul notice his mistake. Before him lay a sea of people of all different sizes, shapes, and colors, all weaving in and around each other like a current - he had no idea where to start looking and he only had twenty minutes left. Heechul decided to take his chances with the upper floor and weaved his way through the bodies until he was standing up at the top of the escalator, scanning the sea of seated folk who were either waiting for their flight or waiting for someone on a flight. 

A sigh escaped Heechul's lips as he leaned against the railing, rubbing his eyes with the pads of his fingers. He really hadn't though this through... the airport was absolutely packed considering it was the weekend and he had fifteen minutes to find Hye Ri before she took off on her plane for good. It was like mission impossible, there was no way it could be done. No way...

"Heechul... ?!"

Heechul jerked his gaze upwards suddenly at the sound of his name. That voice was so familiar. So familiar. One he had heard many times - scolding him, praising him, encouraging him... worrying him... and a voice he was soon to never hear again. Just the mere thought of it made his heart feel like lead in his chest. Glancing over his shoulder Heechul saw her, weaving her way through the crowd and running to him. He had the strange urge to reach out for her, but he fought against it... it would be selfish to indulge in such luxuries now out of all times.

Upon reaching him, Hye Ri removed the black hat that sat snug on her head and placed it onto Heechul's, followed by the unwinding of her scarf.
"What are you doing here without a disguise!" She snapped in a scolding manner, slipping the scarf around his neck.
Heechul couldn't help but chuckle at her behavior. Even now, she was still acting like his manager...
"Hye Ri," He began, reaching for her arm.
But before Heechul could touch her Hye Ri pulled away, a pained look playing across her features.

"You... you shouldn't have come here." Hye Ri murmured quietly, breaking their locked gazes.
"Hye Ri, you don't have to do this." Heechul stated firmly.
"I do..." She said quietly.
Heechul could see her trying to inconspicuously inch away from him. She was probably going to make a run for it... but there was no way he would let her do such a thing. Reaching out his hand Heechul took hold of her wrist and firmly tightened his grip. Hye Ri gasped in surprise, flashing him a shocked look.

"Hye Ri listen to me, this isn't necessary!" Heechul stated in a pleading manner.
"Heechul you don't understand!" Hye Ri snapped, attempting to tear her wrist free of his grip.
Though Heechul managed to keep her were she was, he couldn't hide the shock that momentarily flashed across his face at her statement.
"It may not be necessary for you, but it is for me." She said, locking their gazes in a deadly stare-off, "What happened that night... shouldn't have happened-"
"But I've already forgotten-" Heechul said, trying to cut in but to no avail.
"You may have forgotten, but that's you and it's not me. We're not the same Heechul and because of your past with both women and men it's obvious this wouldn't affect you nearly as badly as it did me." 

Heechul gave her a quizzical look, "I know we're not the same, but listen to me..."
"No you listen to me." Hye Ri stated firmly, "I know what you're going to say already before you say it. You're going to tell me we can both forget about this and move on, and one day it'll be one of those memories we laugh about. Right?"
Heechul stayed quiet but the look that flashed across his face was enough of an answer for Hye Ri, for she smiled softly and took a step closer to him and began caressing his cheek with the palm of her hand in a loving manner.
"That's what would work for you, but it's a different story for me. I love you Heechul, I'm not just one of the many girls that have grazed your sheets and on top of that, I'm your manager. It's disgraceful, I shouldn't be feeling anything for you because our relationship is purely manager and model."

"But you know," Hye Ri continued, tipping her head upwards in his direction, "You have changed, you're not the Heechul you used to be, the Heechul who had been notorious for sleeping with any woman who so much as exchanged glances with him. I can tell, you've fallen in love as well... but it wasn't with me. Heechul, I'm leaving because I need to get away from you, you're a danger to me and I'm just as much a danger to you. I want to leave before something truly regrettable happens."
Heechul stared down at her, expression visibly contorted into one of sadness. He had absolutely nothing left to say to her now, she rendered his weapons useless before he had a chance to use them.

A moment of silence swept by before Heechul was finally able to find his voice, despite it being nothing louder than a whisper.
"So then... this is goodbye?"
Hye Ri nodded, a sad smile tugging at the corners of her lips, "Yes."
Slowly, Hye Ri pulled her hand away from his face, a hint of regret visibly tainting her gorgeous face. Something felt wrong. Something was missing... everything just felt... empty, like there should have been more of something.

Wordlessly, Hye Ri slipped her arms around Heechul's neck and closed the distance between them, softly pressing her lips against his. Heechul didn't pull away but instead, much to Hye Ri's surprise, slid his own arms around Hye Ri's slender waist, pulled her closer, and returned the kiss. He intensified it, but it was different than a kiss he would share with Hankyung... this kiss with Hye Ri was purely full of feeling. It wasn't a rough, heated kiss but instead soft and romantic. Heechul couldn't help but feel regretful as over the intercom he heard some nameless female said, 'Final boarding call for flight 589 to New York City.'

Without sparing a passing glance or exchanging a single word of goodbye, Hye Ri pulled away from him and made her way through the terminal to her flight. Heechul watched, because as much as he wanted to wrap his arms around her and keep her there with him, he knew he couldn't because she was right. And as he gazed at her back as she walked Heechul realized that he was in love... but it wasn't with her. It was sad... what would life have been like had he chosen Hye Ri in the first place? It was a curious thought, one he'd never know the answer to.
[ Seoul ( Dongjak District ) Skyline Heights - 2:14am ]
By the time Hankyung had finally gotten back to Heechul's flat night had already managed to slip into the small hours of the day so he wasn't too shocked to find that the place was pitch black, save for the natural city light that filtered in through the windows. An exhausted sigh escaped his lips as he mentally recounted the night's events through his memory.

Things had started out simple enough. He had picked up Na Young at their house and drove to Incheon for the party. He had to admit, Na Young looked as gorgeous as always... but something about her was off. As in unhealthy off. Na Young had always been a pale woman, but for some reason her skin had lost it's natural luminescent glow, her eyes had lost their shine, and she had purple bags under her eyes. Hankyung could tell that whoever had been working at the salon she had visited tried awful hard to cover up these flaws with makeup, and they almost succeeded... but perhaps because Hankyung had been with her longer, he could see through Na Young's makeup.

Throughout the night Na Young had stayed close to him. Either holding onto his arm, holding his hand, or simply standing by his side and her smile didn't once leave her face as she chatted happily with his fellow employees, even going so far as to mentioning her pregnancy after one of the other attendees had nonchalantly commented on how he and his wife were soon due for their second child - much to Hankyung's distaste.

Indeed, things seemed pretty mellow... well that was excluding Siwon's odd behavior when he had been around Hankyung. Naturally, Siwon had also been invited to the party and originally he was going to arrive with him and Na Young, but at the last minute changed his mind saying he had made other plans... but not acknowledging what those plans were. Normally at a formal party like that Siwon would have stuck close to Hankyung, considering they both were comfortable with the same people. Hankyung had barely caught a glimpse of the man throughout the entire party...

Then there was Heechul's unexplained disappearance earlier the previous day. Hankyung still hadn't received an answer on that, seeing as Heechul hadn't come home by the time he left. Hankyung had tried his cellphone and had been forwarded to the voice mail, and since Heechul had never mentioned where he was going Hankyung had no idea how to try and contact him... 
"I guess I should just be thankful it's all over now." Hankyung murmured, stifling a yawn as he made his way towards the bedroom where he expected Heechul to already be asleep.

His expectations were wrong. Upon stepping into the dark bedroom, Hankyung could just barely make out a hunched over figure sitting on the bed. But it didn't take much to be able to tell who it was.
"Heechul... ?" Hankyung asked, despite it being a question that needed no answering.
It was easy to tell that something was wrong with the man, what with his lack of reaction for one. Hankyung could spend the rest of the night consoling the man with words, but he knew for a fact that there was a different, much more effective way. Without speaking another word, Hankyung rounded the bed to Heechul's side and took a seat on the edge of the bed, crushing his lips against the older man's while his fingers worked on unbuttoning his shirt.
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15 January 2012 @ 10:18 am

Author: xieh

Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC -17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ][ 10 ][ 11 ][ 12 ][ 13 ][ 14 ][ 15 ][ 16 ][ 17 ][ 18 ][ 19 ][ 20 ][ 21 ][ 22 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...

[ Seoul ( Dongjak District ) Skyline Heights - 10:20am ]

"... Heechul? Are you still listening?"

Heechul, who at that point in time most certainly had not been paying attention to whatever Hankyung had been saying promptly jumped in surprise, whacking the back of his hand against the bottom of the coffee table with a loud crack like it was some sort of cruel karma effect of having his mind wander off during his new room mate's sentence.
"Ow, fuck!" Heechul yelped, trying his best to shake the pain away from his hand, "Thanks a lot!" He unconsciously snapped in Hankyung's direction, a move he quickly regretted.

Hankyung, who had witnessed the event that had just occured, couldn't hold back the sigh that parted his lips. Heechul had been concerning him lately, the man couldn't seem to focus... he always seemed to be thinking of something else. Hankyung had tried to ask about it before but had been met with an eyebrow raise and a simple, 'I'm fine, you're imagining things.' from the model. Once he had actually tried to find out on his own terms, but Heechul's personal items seemed to be under tighter security than goddamn Fort Knox. Close relations or not, it had become increasingly clear to Hankyung that he wouldn't be able to find out anything that didn't come from Heechul's own mouth.

Seeing the look that momentarily washed over Hankyung's features Heechul immediately shrank back, a somewhat apologetic look on his face.
"Sorry..." Heechul murmured, averting his gaze, "Can you repeat what you said?"
Hankyung approached the couch which was positioned behind the coffee table Heechul was currently seated at and dropped down into the cushions, folding his arms behind his head in the process.
"I said I have a business party to attend tomorrow, the president of our sister company recently made a full recovery from his illness so we're celebrating his health. I probably won't be back until early in the morning."

A moment of silence swept through the room and momentarily Hankyung began to wonder if Heechul's mind had wandered off yet again. The younger man sighed, preparing once more to repeat his plans for the following night when Heechul finally spoke up.
"I see." He replied simply, catching Hankyung off guard.
Now he wasn't sure why, but something about the lack of concern in Heechul's voice unnerved Hankyung... was it because he just wanted a bit of a larger reaction? He wasn't exactly certain, but it annoyed him.

Shifting his position, Heechul twisted his body until he had his arms folded over the edge of the sofa cushion so that he could face Hankyung.
"Naturally Na Young will be attending, correct?" He quipped.
Hankyung blinked, "Of course she is, it'd look strange if she didn't."
As unfortunate as it was, Hankyung spoke the truth... and he wasn't exactly looking forward to spending the evening with her, considering they hadn't spoken since... well, awhile.
"Hmm..." Heechul hummed, his voice void of any amusement as he once again turned his upper body to once again face the television screen before him and scooped up his cell phone.

Hankyung kept his eyesight fixed on Heechul, watching him dig through his cell phone's memory like a pirate would defile the land for buried treasure with a wary expression. 
"Are you going to be alright on your own?" Hankyung asked tentatively.
Whether he had been referring to the fact that he would be spending the evening with Na Young or the simple fact that Heechul didn't exactly seem... stable at the given time, Hankyung wasn't sure. Perhaps he was addressing both issues at once.

In response, Heechul scoffed.
"Of course I'll be alright. Why wouldn't I be?"
"If you say so..." Hankyung murmured, unsure of how true Heechul's words were.
And he was right to be skeptical, something had been bothering him for the past few weeks and as he flipped through his contact list, he found himself stopping on Hye Ri's number. He hadn't heard from her in weeks... since that day at her apartment. Any call he tried wouldn't get through, when he asked his company about her odd absence he was simply shooed off like a small child, she was absolutely unreachable by any means of communication...

In truth, Heechul had never been so long without her there in some way or another. Whether it was simply receiving a call from her, or spending the day with her nagging him on about how late they were going to be for the next schedule, Hye Ri had pretty much forever and always been in his life... it never occurred to him just how important she was to him, and how comforted he felt that she was simply a phone call away until now, when she wasn't there.

Hye Ri had been different than the other girls he met. Back when he first began modelling - no, Heechul knew he still maintained the same opinion even now, to him a female meant nothing but a quick fuck. Though he certainly had the right reason to think so since it seemed like that was all they wanted from him anyway. He remembered clearly the first day he met Hye Ri, he had tried to get her in bed with him as well. Much to his surprise, she had refused and actually smacked him across the face. The bruise he received to his ego hurt much more than the sting of the slap he had received, that was for sure. A couple years down the road, Heechul had actually attempted to once again and almost succeeded, but this time the only thing stopping him was, much to his disbelief even now, himself. Heechul couldn't even remember the reason why he had stopped himself, either... but it was certainly a moment marked in history.

Heechul's thoughts were disturbed by the familiar ring tone of his cell phone. Glancing at the caller ID, Heechul could feel his heartbeat quicken. Quickly, he jumped up from his seated position at the coffee table and accepted the call, mashing the device against his ear.
"HyeRi?ThankgodI'vebeenworriedsick,whereareyouandI'llcomeandgetyourightaway." Heechul, in his haste, ran his words together until they were one big unintelligible mess of a sentence. 

[ Heechul, calm down... ]

At the sound of Hye Ri's voice, Heechul seized all motion. It was as though the long forgotten sound of her voice had paralyzed him.

[ Good, you're calm... I wasn't going to call you, to make it easier for the both of us. But something made me pick up the phone and dial your number, I'm such a fool. ]

Hye Ri ended her sentence with a curt, bitter laugh and it brought Heechul back to his senses.
"Wait, Hye Ri, what are you talking about?" He demanded, slightly shaken.

[ I called to say goodbye. ]

"Goodbye?" Heechul echoed in disbelief.
But why... ?
"Hye Ri, if this is about what happened at your place a few nights ago I'm already over it, I don't care!" Heechul cried, nearly pleading with her to reconsider.

[ I'm glad you have, but I haven't. What I did was unprofessional, and I just... I just can't be your manager in this state. I need to be stronger than you are, and I'm... I'm not. ]

"What are you talking about? Think about this-"

[ I shouldn't have called, I'm sorry... ]

Before he could finish his sentence, Heechul heard the line go dead.
"Hye Ri?!" He called uselessly into the receiver, "Damn..."
Heechul shoved the cell phone into his back pocket and made his way towards the door with long, hurried steps. Hankyung, who had witnessed the entire scene, eyed Heechul curiously.
"Heechul, are you going to-" Hankyung began, but was cut off.
"I'm going to the airport." The older man said curtly, grabbing his coat and slipping out the door without sparing a backwards glance.

[ Seoul ( Seodaemun District ), #455 Taeri Street - 9:00pm ]

The house lights were dim. Na Young stood in front of the stove animatedly cooking something within the large stainless steel frying pan, heat set on medium, and the telephone wedged between her shoulder and ear. About her lay various cooking tools; the chopping board, knife, whisk, bowls, spoons, forks... anything necessary for a woman making dinner for her husband. Only there was something off... why were the utensils so clean? As if they hadn't touched a morsel of food? Everything had a shiny gleam as though they were all recently purchased...

"Oh Juri, I'm just making dinner for him now... yes, he just adores my cooking." Na Young gushed energetically, "What are you making for dinner?"
Whoever was on the other side of the phone stayed silent.
"That sounds spectacular, with garlic I'd presume?" Na Young inquired, scraping the teeth of the metal fork over the base of the frying pan.
Again, no response... then again, that was to be expected... one could not receive an answer from something that didn't exist.

Suddenly the phone rang, causing Na Young to jump and nearly drop the device from where it was perched on her shoulder. She nudged the speak button with her chin.
"Hello?" Na Young questioned through the receiver.

[ Na Young, it's Hankyung. ]

"Oh Hankyung!" Na Young said brightly, "Why I'm just in the middle of cooking dinner for you now, I hope you were looking forward to hamburge-"

[ I chose a dress for you to wear at the boutique downtown, pick it up tomorrow before the party. Bye. ]

The line abruptly went dead, but Na Young didn't seem to notice for she kept speaking like he was still there...
"You picked out a dress for me... ? Oh I bet it's gorgeous, you always pick such gorgeous things for me." Na Young cooed with a smile.
Killing the heat to the stove, Na Young pulled the frying pan off of the burner.
"I made your favorite for dinner, you know. You'll be home soon won't you?"
Na Young began emptying the contents of the frying pan out onto a plate - contents that weren't there - but found herself stopping suddenly as a rather unamused frown knotted her eyebrows together.
"Oh my, you won't make it home for dinner?" She murmured with a small sigh, "Well that's too bad... I'll wrap it up for you."

Retrieving the plastic wrap from the cupboard, Na Young began to unravel it.
"Yes, I understand. I'll see you soon... love you too." She said, before hanging up the phone and placing it down on the counter.
"What a waste..." Na Young scolded quietly, wrapping the empty plate.
Taking it towards the fridge she wrapped her fingers around the cool steel of the refrigerator door and pulled it open, setting the plate down on the shelf among other plates of it's kind, empty plates wrapped in plastic...
"He'll be home soon..." She murmured, admiring her work that never existed.

AN// What's this? An update? Unheard of... so yes, I've returned - hopefully - for good... but I make no promises. I'd love to explain to you guys why I had taken such a long time off, but I'd rather not delve into personal matters, so all I can really do is apologize. See you guys tomorrow night.

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25 December 2011 @ 12:39 am
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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10 December 2011 @ 09:17 pm
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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26 November 2011 @ 12:33 am
Author: xieh
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC -17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ][ 10 ][ 11 ][ 12 ][ 13 ][ 14 ][ 15 ][ 16 ][ 17 ][ 18 ][ 19 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...

[ Seoul ( Yongsan District ), Downtown Area - 11:00pm ]
The wheels of Heechul's vehicle slowed to a stop upon reaching the intersection, the stop light dyed a deep red and the rubber shrieking in protest as it was dragged against the wet pavement. From above the smooth, smoky metal of the car was pelted with the falling raindrops that seemed to be originating from the core of some dark, unreachable abyss suspended high above the earth. An agitated, impatient sigh spilled from Heechul's lips as he tapped the tips of his fingers against the leather steering wheel, gazing out the damp windshield and mentally willing the red light to turn green - a method which was not working so well for him at the current moment. As he did so, his thoughts returned to the phone call he had held with Hye Ri moments earlier.

It was bothering him. He just couldn't come up with a logical reason as to why Hye Ri would want to talk to him in person... what could there possibly be to talk about that couldn't be discussed over the phone? Maybe she wanted to explain the movie contract better... but then again, if that were the case she would have just waited until the following evening instead of calling him over so late at night. So that reason was out of the question... maybe it was an emergency. Some type of family emergency... or perhaps she was quitting? Heechul really didn't want to imagine that possibility... Hye Ri had been his manager since he had first started modelling, so she wouldn't just up and leave now...

Whatever the reason, Heechul certainly wouldn't know until he heard it from Hye Ri herself. Above him the street light finally returned to it's green color, allowing any motionless driver to continue their journey to their many destinations. Pressing his foot down on the gas pedal, Heechul sped away from the street light only to have his cellphone go off a few blocks away. Eyebrow raised curiously, he fished the electronic device out of his pocket and flipped it open. Flashing brightly on the blindingly white screen was a number he hadn't seen before.
"Probably just a wrong number..." Heechul murmured, thumb hovering over the ignore call button.
However, for some reason he felt prompted to answer the call... so instead, Heechul pressed the speaker phone button and laid the cellphone down on the dashboard.
"Who is this?" He asked, irritation feathering his voice.

[ Heechul? It's So Yoon. ]

Heechul's face took on a myriad of puzzling expressions. From surprise to confusion, then disbelief and some sort of mixture between irritation and shock. Had he ever given So Yoon his number? Even if he had, what reason would she have to be calling? Unless... it was trouble with Siwon. Worry immediately washed over Heechul - what if Siwon had gotten hurt?
"What's the matter?" Heechul asked, trying to keep his voice steady.

[ The matter... ? Nothing's the matter... ]

So Yoon's voice trailed off at the end of this sentence as though she weren't exactly sure how she wanted to end it... or even if she had chosen the correct words. Heechul was about to question her over the matter when she spoke up once more, finishing her previous sentence.

[ Well, actually... I guess something is the matter. ]

"Did something happen to Siwon?!" Heechul asked, the words leaving his mouth before he had a chance to realize it.
So Yoon's end of the line went silent for a second, though Heechul could have sworn he heard a sort of soft chuckling... he decided to write it off as static interruption.

[ Siwon is fine, Heechul... well, as fine as he can be. ]

This time, it was Heechul's turn to fall silent. Furrowing his eyebrows in confusion, he tried to figure out the meaning of So Yoon's words... and he had a feeling that there was more to them than meets the eye.
"... What do you mean by that?" Heechul murmured skeptically, finally retrieving his voice.
So Yoon, however, didn't answer his question but replied with a question of her own.

[ Heechul, can I ask you to do something? ]

"Sure..." Heechul said, unsure if he should even be agreeing without knowing the circumstances.
Then again, by the tone of So Yoon's voice he was certain it wouldn't be anything bad... he wasn't sure, but he could almost hear a note of sadness lining her voice.

[ Don't be like me. Promise me you'll open your eyes to what surrounds you before it's too late... like I did. ]

This caught Heechul off guard and he momentarily sputtered and tripped over his sentences, his voice catching in his throat and preventing him from speaking. Before he could reply, the other end of the line went dead leaving Heechul alone in the silence of his vehicle while he listened to the dial tone. 

Open his eyes to his surroundings? What could So Yoon possibly mean by that... ? Was he not seeing something he should be, not noticing something important? Heechul's fingers tightened their grip on the steering wheel, knuckles turning white as he fell deeper into thought. Not to mention what she said about Siwon... how were So Yoon's words connected? 

Meanwhile, in another part of the city situated by the Han River stood So Yoon, cellphone still clutched in her hand. The screen had returned to it's blueish color now, with the signature ended call words scrawled across the screen followed by the conversation length. Folding the cellphone up and tucking it into the safety of her pocket, So Yoon took a deep breath of fresh night air and tilted her head skyward in an attempt to keep the tears that were stinging her eyes at bay. 

Calling Heechul hadn't been her first decision... in fact, it had never been her plan in the first place. So she wasn't sure exactly what prompted her to contact him instead of her original idea of getting a hold of Siwon... and moreover, would he understand what she said? But why did it even matter to her if he did... it was none of her concern. So Yoon couldn't help but chuckle pitifully at herself...  she had gotten herself into a much bigger mess than she had originally planned and the smartest thing to do would be withdraw without a second glance.

But then again, when that glance was towards a man whom she thought truly loved her... how was she supposed to resist?
[ Seoul ( Mapo District ), Hana Apartments - 11:20pm ]
The rain still hadn't let up by the time Heechul arrived at Hye Ri's apartment complex and as he stood outside staring at the white door that lay in front of him, something seemed... off. To start, the lights weren't on, and he couldn't hear anything inside the apartment. Curling his fingers into a fist Heechul brought it towards the door, the sound echoing through the empty street. It had been the second time now he had knocked on the door and there was still no reaction from the person inside. Heechul was certain she had asked him to come to her house... so why was it that she wasn't answering the door? Finally, he decided to simply let himself in - he'd deal with Hye Ri's wrath later.

Slipping his fingers around the doorknob, Heechul turned it and pushed the door open and out of his way. Upon stepping into the pitch black hallway, he slowly closed the door behind him and proceeded to blindly navigate his way through the apartment.
"Hye Ri?" Heechul called, eyebrow raised curiously at the situation.
Rounding a corner, he stepped into what appeared to be the living room. Across the room the curtains hung open, moonlight streaming in through the transparent glass and providing the only light in the room.

Approaching the window, Heechul crossed his arms and uttered a rather annoyed groan. There he was, in his pajamas, standing in the house of his manager when she - apparently - wasn't even home. Great. Reaching into his jacket pocket, Heechul retrieved his cellphone and flipped it open, navigating his way towards his contacts and scrolling down the rather large list of names until he found Hye Ri's. Pressing the phone to his ear, Heechul proceeded to listen to a series of rings and in the end received no answer. Cursing under his breath, he prepared to call Hye Ri once more when a soft creaking sound echoed through the eerily quiet house. Before he could react, however, a pair of hands encircled Heechul's waist.

"What the-?!" Heechul gasped, startled by the sudden gesture.
Wheeling around on his heel, Heechul turned to face the person who had infiltrated his space only to be shocked speechless by who he saw. Hye Ri stood before him with her shimmering black waves cascading down her back and dressed in nothing more than a pair of lacy undergarments. She stood staring up at him, her facial features half masked in shadows while the other glowed in the pale moonlight.

Taking a step forward Hye Ri curled her fingers around the edge of the window sill, pinning Heechul in between them. From here, she raised herself slightly on the tips of her toes until she was mere inches away from Heechul's lips. It was faint, but Heechul was certain he could smell wine on her breath... however, he was almost certain it wasn't enough to get her drunk enough to do something so rash... yet he still couldn't help himself from asking anyway.
"Are you drunk?" Heechul asked dumbly, not certain what to say in his current situation.

A smirk curled Hye Ri's lips as she slowly shook her head.
"I'm not drunk, Heechul." She said in a low voice, "But I do have a favor to ask you... for so long I've had such deep feelings for you... and after trying to ignore them for so long I can't do it anymore. Heechul, I want you to love me. Right here... now. I'm tired of waiting - tired of ignoring this. It's difficult, Heechul..."
By now Heechul had been forced to lean against the window sill and Hye Ri had raised her knee to rest on the edge of it. Using her left hand, she slid her thumb beneath the waistband of both his pajama bottoms and his underwear and using her right hand she began undoing his jacket.

What happened next, however, she had not been expecting.
"HYE RI." He snapped angrily.
Gripping her shoulders, Heechul shoved her away and in her confusion she stumbled over her own feet and fell to the ground with a thud. Brushing the hair out of her face, she looked up with wide eyes as he walked past her without sparing a single glance - only stopping at the entryway to the living room momentarily.
"Get a grip, Hye Ri." Heechul murmured coldly, before disappearing from sight.
Seconds later, there was a slamming of the door and then... silence.

Placing one hand over her mouth, Hye Ri struggled to come to terms with what she had just done. No, she wasn't drunk... but she had just done something extremely thoughtless... and had just fucked everything up royally.
"What did I just do?" Hye Ri cried in a harsh whisper, slamming her hand down on the carpeted floor.
[ Seoul ( Eunpyeong District ), Eito Towers - 11:30pm ]
Siwon had been casually relaxing on the sofa, watching one of the many different variety shows on his television when he was interrupted by the sound of a doorbell. Curiously, his eyesight was drawn towards the clock hanging on his wall... and then towards the door. Who on earth would be visiting at such a late hour? He was almost reluctant to answer the door - but decided that it would probably be the best idea if he didn't ignore it. Rising to his feet, Siwon approached the front door of the penthouse apartment and slipped his fingers around the doorknob, pulling it open and revealing the mysterious visitor.

"Na Young?!" Siwon gasped in surprise.
Indeed, before him stood none other than Hankyung's wife - Na Young. She was dressed in a long, black dress coat that reached her knees matched with a pair of equally dark boots and had allowed her silky auburn hair to drape loosely along her shoulders. Upon seeing him, however, her rather dark looking expression seemed to brighten. Yet even from where he was standing, Siwon could see she wasn't in good shape. Her face was paler than normal and there were dark bags under her eyes.
"Sorry for visiting so late... I just..." Na Young's quiet voice trailed off before she could finish her sentence and she returned her gaze to her feet.

Siwon really didn't need much explaining to know why she was at his doorstep - it was because of Hankyung. Without a second thought he stepped out of the way and let her into the apartment, gently closing the door behind her. Na Young bowed her head in thanks before removing her boots.
"I hope I'm not interrupting anything..." She murmured apologetically as Siwon lead her to the living room.
"It's fine, I didn't have any plans tonight anyways." Siwon said reassuringly.
However, when Siwon turned back to face Na Young he found that she had stopped in her tracks and was clutching her bag tightly.

"I... brought some tea with me from home - I got it imported from India. May I borrow your kitchen... ? It's... my little way of saying thank you for putting up with me."
Siwon wasn't really in the mood for tea, but then again he didn't exactly want to tell Na Young 'no' when she was in such a state. Even her voice was shaking. So he simply agreed and took a seat on the sofa while she disappeared into the kitchen. Within moments the tiny apartment was filled with the fragrant smell of flowers and spices and before long Na Young had returned. However, what puzzled Siwon was the fact that she was only holding one tea cup.

Obviously noticing the confusion on his face, Na Young chuckled lightly.
"As it turns out I only brought one tea bag... I'll try it when I get home - but please tell me how you like it." She said, offering him the cup.
Siwon took it from her hands and looked down at the swirling brown liquid. He couldn't tell if it was simply his imagination or not, but he could have sworn the color seemed a bit... off. Then again, it was imported. Maybe tea was just different in India. Raising the brim of the cup to his lips, Siwon took a long sip of the warm liquid.

The affect was immediate - Siwon could feel his body heating up... it was almost unbearable. But it wasn't a normal heat - it was... different. The fabric of his jeans tightened against his crotch uncomfortably and all he wanted was the sweet release...
"What... did you put... in this... ?!" Siwon growled between clenched teeth, breathing already labored.
Loosing his grip on the tea cup, it went crashing to the ground - spilling the drugged liquid across the carpeted floors.
"I didn't know the drug would be this effective... " Na Young murmured in minor surprise, "But let's just say tea wasn't the only thing I got imported."

"Why... why are you..." Siwon breathed, repeatedly clenching his hands into fists.
"It's the only way I can save my marriage!" Na Young exclaimed, cutting him off in cold blood.
Siwon looked up at Na Young, who stood before him with her arms crossed over her chest... but that wasn't all he noticed. There was a look in her eyes... a certain deranged look. And then it hit him - she had finally snapped... and had caught Heechul and Hankyung together.

"But with that drug in your system, you won't be able to resist a thing..." Na Young murmured quietly, sliding her fingers down the collar of her jacket. 
Slowly she slid the buttons from their holes until the jacket was peeled back to reveal a silky white dress that ended abruptly just below her thighs. Brushing her hands over her shoulders, she slid the straps down her arm until the dress pooled around her feet in a puddle of white.

Siwon had already lost all control of his body, the heat was simply too unbearable. Despite what his mind was telling him, his body wanted different... his body wanted the woman in front of him and as she approached the only thing he could do was extend his arms, encircling them around her waist and urging her closer to the burning sensation.
"That's right..." Na Young cooed soothingly, "Come to me..."
AN// Oh god FINALLY this is written! So I'm sorry for missing last weeks update, but I was out of town with a friend. I thought I could make up for it on the weekdays but I've been so busy learning scripts and doing boring, mundane science homework and just bleh. x_x I feel so bad... however, I am rather happy with the outcome of this chapter. I kept having to remind myself that from the very beginning I never meant for Na Young to be a good person... Uhm... there was more I wanted to say but I totally forgot, so have a good weekend guys! Thanks for the support! :'D
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12 November 2011 @ 11:59 pm

Artist: xieh
Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst, Smut
Characters: Main! Heechul, Hankyung, Siwon, Minor!Various SuJu members
Pairings: Main! Heechul/Hankyung/Siwon, Minor! Various SuJu OTPs
Rating: NC -17
Warnings: Language and smexual scenes... good old smut. :D
Disclaimer: LOLNO. I wish. >_>


Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...

Latest Chapter:

" ...dress him up as a female and surely nobody would have been able to tell the difference between you two." Jungsu murmured, tangling his fingers together upon his lap.


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15 | Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18

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12 November 2011 @ 11:53 pm
Author: xieh
Genre: Smut, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC -17
Warnings: Naughty language and... y'know, things that come with the genre smut.
Summary: Hankyung is the president of a very successful company and Siwon is his vice president. Heechul is one of Korea's most popular models who doesn't believe in love... until he met Hankyung. Now, behind his wifes back, Hankyung has been meeting Heechul for a few years... but what he doesn't know - and Heechul is very aware of - is that Siwon also has his eyes set on Heechul...
Chapters: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ][ 10 ][ 11 ][ 12 ][ 13 ][ 14 ][ 15 ][ 16 ][ 17 ]
Disclaimer: They're not mine. At all. But it's fun to put them in awkward situations...
[ Seoul ( Dongjak district ), Skyline Heights - 10:28pm ]
A few weeks had passed since Hankyung had received the news from his wife and, staying true to his word, he hadn't returned home since and had begun a temporary living arrangement with Heechul. Granted, he had returned home a few times in the days he had been absent however that was only to retrieve important items such as clothing and work-related objects... and he had made sure to do it when Na Young wasn't home.

Yet even now as he sat there on the darkened hardwood floors of Heechul's apartment staring up at the creamy white ceiling while some nameless television show rang in his ears, he felt like a complete coward. After all, what type of man runs away when his wife tells him she's pregnant? Any normal husband would have been excited beyond belief... if things weren't as they were now, he could imagine his reaction clearly as though the memory were fresh in his mind.

Hankyung could imagine himself wrapping her arms around Na Young's shoulders so tight he feared it would crush her fragile body - maybe he'd even pick her up and swing her around. They would celebrate by going out to dinner... somewhere secluded and romantic, followed by a romantic night in bed where...

But he had run. As soon as the words left her lips his mind has shut down and he had ran like the coward he was. That was why he was staying at Heechul's place now, wasn't it? Because he was afraid to face the truth. Because he didn't want to face the harsh realities of the world when everything was going right for him in the cozy little lie he had built around himself and that was the reason why he was hiding away in the safety of Heechul's house because some part of him believed that the outside world couldn't touch him there and yes, it all made sense! It all boiled down to the fact that he was a fucking coward.

Now this wasn't the first time Hankyung had come to this conclusion. In fact, it seemed as though he had been reflecting on the thought a lot more than usual recently... the guilt that had been absent before, the anguish that he hadn't been feeling in the previous years of his life seemed to be coming back to him now out of all times and he wasn't sure why... maybe he was just getting wiser. Growing up. Realizing that what he was doing behind his wife's back was wrong on so many levels...

"Tsk, my head hurts..." Hankyung groaned, rubbing the palms of his hands against his eyes in an attempt to lessen the pounding in his temples.
Along with the guilt, he had also found that he was receiving headaches more often than usual... no doubt a side effect of all the self-reflecting he had been doing in his spare time. But it couldn't keep going on, it was affecting his work as well as his physical and mental health. Deadlines were getting increasingly harder to meet, he was constantly tired and he was just... drained from spending sleepless nights on trying to meet those deadlines.

However - and Hankyung wouldn't lie to himself about this matter - there had been times when he had considered contacting Na Young... why? Well, he wasn't certain himself... and he could never get past the dial-tone to figure it out. He had clearly tallied his attempts in his head - so far there had been six that very week alone. Why just earlier that evening he had been standing outside on the balcony, cellphone in hand, thumb hesitating over the call button... but he couldn't do it and had pressed the end call button instead. It where as though some part of him were preventing him from doing the right thing and talking things over with his wife... and he had no problem what-so-ever listening to that part of him, for he more than willingly put that cellphone down.

The familiar echo of the door opening cut into Hankyung's thoughts like a knife and brought him back to reality just in time to see Heechul casually stroll out of the bedroom, towel draped over his head and dressed in his pajamas which consisted of a pair of pink  bottoms and a white t-shirt, the total norm for a man like him.
"Ahhh, what are you still sitting there for? You were doing the same thing before I went in the shower." Heechul murmured in a scolding tone.
Hankyung simply snickered and draped his left arm over the sofa pillow behind him.

That reminded Hankyung of yet another thing to feel guilt for - although he was puzzled as to why. Recently, it seemed as though it had become increasingly common for him to ask Heechul for sex, instead of the opposite way around. Of course, it wasn't like the older man really minded... in fact, he seemed to find amusement in it. Perhaps the guilt came from the fact that he always went to Heechul when he wanted to forget, like he was using his lover as a sort of drug to numb his senses. It seemed as though the more he came to terms with himself, the more sickened he became.

"Hannie, I'm bored." Heechul said with a mock-pout curving his lips.
Making his way over to the sofa, the older man took a seat beside Hankyung. It was faint, but he could still smell the strawberry-scented shampoo in Heechul's hair... his lover seemed to be a fan of fruity shower gels - the colorful bottle practically owned the bathroom! Hankyung never favored them, opting to use his own shampoo and conditioner that smelled of... well, clean. Yet this was just another of the many things he loved about Heechul, simply one of his many unique quirks.
"You're always bored at night." Hankyung replied matter-of-factly.
By now Heechul had draped the towel around Hankyung's neck, gripping it tightly on either end.
"Well fix it." The older man replied, slowly tugging his lover closer to him until their lips were merely a breath apart.
That, of course, was when the phone decided to ring rather loudly, disturbing the mood and absolutely pissing Heechul off. Hankyung coudn't help but chuckle as Heechul rose to his feet and stormed over to the telephone, practically ripping the electronic device off of the receiver.

"Hello?!" Heechul said into the receiving end of the phone, a bit more venom in his voice than he had originally planned.

[ Heechul! My god, it's about time you answered the phone, do you know how many times I've tried to reach you?! ]

"...Hye Ri?" Heechul murmured questioningly, raising an eyebrow in the air quizzically, "Why are you calling me at home? I have a cellphone you know..."

[ I DID try your cellphone, there was no answer! ]

"Oh. Probably because it was dead." Heechul stated matter-of-factly, completely oblivious to the anger in Hye Ri's tone, "Anyway, what do you want?"

[ Well isn't that a kind way to ask... listen, you're wanted for a part in a movie. I have the script right here beside me and it doesn't look bad. The director seems really set on having you play the part - if you're interested, that is. ]

"Me, an actor?" Heechul asked in astonishment.
Out of all the things for Hye Ri to call him about, he certainly wasn't expecting that... well, it did sound interesting to say the least.
"Fine, I'll check it out tomorrow. That's all then right?"

[ ... ]

The other end of the phone went silent and for a moment Heechul wasn't sure if Hye Ri had hung up the phone, fed up with his attitude. He was about to end the call himself when her voice once again spilled through the speakers.

[ Actually, Heechul... can you come over... right now? ]

The voice speaking to him over the phone seemed almost foreign to Heechul... it was void of any authority that Hye Ri's tone usually held. Instead, she was quiet and sounded... extremely vulnerable.
"Well I'm kind of busy right now..." Heechul murmured in reply, glancing over his shoulder at Hankyung, "Does it have to be today?"

[ Yes. Right now. ]

Heechul was so shocked by the change in the Hye Ri he usually knew that the only answer he could muster up was an okay what she had asked of him - despite his obvious reluctance. Heechul hung up the phone and retrieved his jacket from the chair which he had carelessly discarded it on the day before. So what if he were in his pajamas, this was just Hye Ri he was visiting.
"I'll be back, I need to go out." Heechul called over his shoulder before exiting the apartment and abandoning a very confused Hankyung while he went to investigate what was going on with his manager.

[ Seoul ( Mapo District ), Hole in the Wall - 11:00pm ]

As soon as So Yoon placed the sole of her heel in the bar she immediately regretted her actions. Despite the time of night the place still seemed rather lively. Couples and groups of people were seated at tables, beer glasses in hand chatting and gossiping about the latest and greatest thing in South Korea, or simply speaking for the hell of it because they were too drunk to figure out what was going on anyway. Overhead some nameless song wafted through the bar, struggling to be heard over the flood of voices filling the tiny establishment.. So Yoon wasn't feeling regret over coming here - she knew the owner quite well. No, she was feeling regret over the fact that she knew that whatever she heard from Jungsu's lips that evening would not benefit her in any way possible and only prove to damage her more. If she was smart, she'd turn around and leave right then... but the power of curiosity drew her closer until she unknowingly stood at the front of the bar.

However, it was Youngwoon who noticed her first.
"Ah, So Yoon! It's nice to see you again!" He said, making his way over to where she was positioned from behind the counter.
"Yes, you too... " So Yoon said with a faint smile, "Siwon had told me you had gone out of town, I hope your trip went well."
"Ahh, it was nice to get away. Between you and me, Jungsu really get's on the nerves after awhile if you know what I mean-"
"Excuse me?!"
Youngwoon, surprised by the sudden vocal addition, jumped a good foot in the air before wheeling around to face a rather ticked looking Jungsu who stood with his arms folded over his chest and an eyebrow raised at the younger man.

So Yoon, who had been observing up to this point couldn't help but chuckle at the two men's interactions. However, the moment didn't last long and it seemed as though Jungsu noticed this immediately.
"Youngwoon, can you take care of table five over there?" Jungsu asked, nodding his head in the appropriate direction.
Youngwoon let out a sigh but did as he was told and made his way over to his appointed place. Only after he was out of earshot did  Jungsu return his attention to So Yoon.
"It's a surprise to see you here without a certain someone with you... I take it you didn't drop by just to say hello." Jungsu murmured with a knowing smile.
So Yoon was momentarily taken by surprise at the fact that she had been found out so easily... but simply replied with a small nod of her head.
"I... need to talk to you... about Siwon." So Yoon said quietly, "There's something I need to know... if you don't mind. I've tried to ask myself, but he just changes the subject he... !"
Before she could continue Jungsu shushed her with a simply nod of his head.
"Come, let's go upstairs to talk. It's much less... crowded there." He said, gesturing towards the staircase located behind the bar which no doubt led to where he and Youngwoon lived.

So Yoon followed him upstairs until she found herself in the middle of a rather spacious living room.
"Please take a seat." Jungsu said, taking his own seat opposite of her on the other couch.
Looking down at her hands, she was shocked to find that she was shaking... shaking bad. Scrunching her fingers into fists, So Yoon returned her attention to Jungsu with as determined a look as she could muster.
"So what is it you want to know?" He asked with a curious tip of his head.
"I... I want to know..."
So Yoon stumbled over her words, still conflicted over the fact that she didn't want to face the truth that she already knew. Because as soon as Jungsu spoke it would confirm it and then what was she to do... ?

"Who is it Siwon loves?"
After a moment of hesitation, the words finally left So Yoon's lips and they hung heavily in the air... it felt like they were poisoning the room, contaminating the air and making it hard to breath... yet Jungsu looked un-phased by this un-comforting feeling. He simply sighed before staring her down with a rather sullen gaze.
"So Yoon, I won't beat about the question and avoid the answer you and I both know is coming, but I will tell you that the day I met you I noticed the similarities between you two. You could have been his female counterpart - dress him up as a female and surely nobody would have been able to tell the difference between you two." Jungsu murmured, tangling his fingers together upon his lap.
"... Yeah." So Yoon replied simply, gaze falling. "It's Heechul, isn't it? But... for whatever reason it is he can't have Heechul, he decided to go after me because I was the next best thing."
She covered her face with her hands, "I feel like a fool..."
"I'm sorry So Yoon..." Jungsu said quietly.
"No," She said, raising her head, "It's not your fault. I'm not mad at anyone..."

Raising to her feet, So Yoon smoothed down her pants in an attempt to do something with her hands that didn't look as completely stupid as she felt, and even as tears stung her eyes and threatened to flow down her cheeks she still managed to smile at Jungsu and bow her head to him before exiting the bar, only after leaving the premises allowing herself to break out into tears.

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